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I want to honor the life of Steve Fisher from one who only had brief contacts with him as primarily he coached in General Brown and my sons did not play football. Anyway, I have always loved sports and was a pretty good athlete in my day (first team all-conference two sports, most athletic in class).

But my late brother Bobby was a great athlete who only went to college only because he earned a Division 1 scholarship for football. So to say the least, I always admired certain coaches who become role models, mentors and community leaders. Being a sports fan, I knew who Steve was although I had never met him.

At my last job at North Country Family Health as a licensed psychologist, I went to the waiting room to get my client — and who is patiently sitting there but Steve Fisher, whom I had always admired. I said “Hello” as he did not appear to be waiting for an appointment, and I soon after found out why he was there.

He was acting as an unpaid volunteer driver for clients who did not have a car or the financial resources to get to medical visits. Wow! This “tough” football coach was donating much time and I think his gas money to those who needed help to get to medical visits. I saw him in our waiting room several other times and always said “Hello.”

It just strikes me how certain people make just wonderful choices as to how lead their lives: to help their community, to be a positive role model for our youths, and I bet he was a good family man. I realize that other local people knew Steve much better than I did. But all I can say is that if we had more Steve Fishers in the world, we would have a better and more caring community!

William Kimball


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Good letter....a role model for the rest of us...

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