‘Predicting’ future events not healthy for us

Like several others, I was disappointed when the Watertown Daily Times endorsed Elise Stefanik’s return to the U.S. House of Representatives. Since her re-election, she has demonstrated a singular focus on her political ambitions.

The concerns and needs of her constituents in the 21st Congressional District have been relegated to the back burner along with the pressing issue of a global pandemic. Instead she has bought into baseless conspiracy theories.

Acts of sedition to “play along” don’t seem to bother her even as these acts seek to disenfranchise legitimate voters. I can’t wait for the Trump circus to leave town.

If we were smart, she’d be on that train with him and the other narrow-minded, anti-democratic congressional buffoons who have hitched their stars to his wagon. I am afraid we are stuck with her until the next election.

This should, however, be a wake-up call for NY-21’s voters — particularly its Democrats and independents. It’s time to admit that Tedra Cobb may not be the answer.

We need a strong candidate who can call Ms. Stefanik out on her record and her actions and make it stick. It also would be refreshing to have a newspaper with enough integrity to admit that when it came to an endorsement in this race, it was either duped or made a mistake.

Gary Brown

Cape Vincent

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The selection of any candidate has to take into account the realities of the population here. A majority of people are not going to vote for a liberal, or possibly even any Democrat. There should be a reasonable moderate Republican challenging Stefanik for the nomination and there should be a reassuringly moderate Democrat challenging her in the general.


There should be a reasonable moderate Republican challenging Stefanik for the nomination and there should be a reassuringly moderate Democrat challenging her in the general.

I think for the good of the Republican Party she should get a challenge from someone who’s a little less autocrat friendly. The idea that Trump would willingly leave at the end of another 4 years or that Republicans would force him to is laughable. Essentially the Republicans who supported the Texas effort and Wednesday’s were calling for President For Life Trump.

I thought Cobb was a very good candidate. Of course, I’m a Democrat. She had solid roots in the region which Stefanik, Woolf nor Derrick could boast of. The Taxin’ Tedra thing still irritates me. It shows that Trumpism works in northern NY. Probably a lot of Trumpers around here cheering for the storming of the Capitol. Yeeha!

I do want her to face a strong challenge and have to explain herself in a year and a half. Trump’s not going away. Her unswerving support for him is all on the record. She has some responsibility for Wednesday


There was nothing wrong with Cobb, but there are just so many people in this district who draw a line at any liberal position that a moderate across the board is all that has a chance.


Reasonable candidates will emerge in the 22 cycle. Ron Johnson is toast as are many of the GOP seditionists that squeaked out wins. Her districy won't matter -- she'll be in the minority for many years if she wins and the district will suffer. All because she is so terrible at her job and a very mean spirited human.


If Georgia can go blue, why not Northern NY? We are now officially more extreme than a stronghold of the Confederacy.


I am hopeful. But isn't it frightening that you can even compare Northern New York to the deep South?


Texas will be blue by '24. AZ and GA stay blue thanks to the GOP civil war. NC is achievable, too. Once Texas goes GOP will have to spend everything on defending there and holding trending states.

hermit thrush

we can and should hope, but the demographics in georgia vs. any could hardly be more different. politics are very unpredictable but to my eye nny looks more likely to continue moving to the right.


Any district that clings to a failed legislator who is in the permanent minority (the Trump insurrection gave up the next two cycles last week) is killing itself. She may win but her supporters will suffer from her lack of power. Being a bigshot in a minority party is good only for the bigshot.

GOP turned a few districts back in '20 but those are all low hanging fruit now. All you need is a reasonable person to say "I won't inspire and defend terrorists" and they are already ahead of the game. Stefanik's ID is and always will be Trump. He's not gonna pull voters out like last time and she's losing people by the tweet.

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