Suggestions to improve St. Lawrence County

I have five ideas that I’d like to share pertaining to northern St. Lawrence County and its unique problems/opportunities.

First: This is the first summer that I can recall that our “protected wetland” has been dry. What a lovely time to dig a trench so that water will be separated from agricultural land.

The land has had silt on it for decades and is fertile. It’s dry enough to use machinery due to this summer’s draught. Would someone need state/federal permission?

Second: These wetlands are watered from springs. There must be a procedure for reinforcing springs to protect from contaminants if one wanted to bottle and sell spring water. Could a person maybe find the spring’s source and do this reinforcement work best while it’s dry, accessible and fully visible?

Third: These springs would be ideal for fish farming, either outdoors in the summer or else in a heated building year-round. Apparently, baby fish are housed and fed in an aerated big fish tank.

Fresh water spills in. Stale water spills out and goes on its way.

Wouldn’t this dry spell be great to get some construction done on this? I believe the fish tanks are concrete, but I guess they could be metal or earthen.

Fourth: Baby partridges can be ordered through the mail. If they were raised and turned out in woodland, couldn’t the landowners charge hunters to hunt partridges (ruffled grouse, I believe, is another name for them).

Fifth: Gouverneur Morris, who signed the Declaration of Independence, had a summer home in Gouverneur. He bought land called the Morris Trust. He was an early if not the original owner.

He split up and sold the land. He kept the mineral rights. The mineral rights taxes haven’t been paid for quite a while. If your land is on the Morris Trust, a legal “quiet title” procedure can get you your mineral rights from the heirs of Gouverneur Morris, who haven’t paid minerals rights taxes on them. At least that’s my understanding.

Why not check to see? Then you could use them.

Jane Oradat


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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