The foundation of any city, town or village is rooted in a sound educational system, the availability of quality health care, cultural offerings, the promotion of the arts, recreational opportunities for youths and a public library.

The city of Ogdensburg is fortunate to have an exceptional school system that provides a quality education to the youths of the city. It has an excellent health care facility with the Claxton-Hepburn Hospital — which, with its experienced and well-trained staff and excellent facilities, provides the necessary care for the residents of Ogdensburg and surrounding communities.

The Remington Museum is one of the finest in the Northeast, and Ogdensburg Command Performances has brought exceptional productions and entertainment to the entire north county for years. The Ogdensburg Boys & Girls Club, the recreation programs offered by the city and the Kiwanis sports programs provide our youths with structured educational and recreational opportunities.

At this time, the Ogdensburg Public Library also provides the residents of the north country of all ages — in addition to books, magazines and DVDs — other programs and services such as the public availability of computers and WiFi; meeting rooms; regular movie offerings; a children’s library and reading programs; fax, print and copy services; as well as online lessons and genealogical research and so much more. Unfortunately, without the support of the voters of the Ogdensburg City School District, your public library and the multitude of services it provides may not be financially able to stay open without a favorable vote in the upcoming referendum to be held on May 18. Please join us and vote “Yes” to continue the financial support needed to sustain our public library and the vital programs and services it provides to all residents, young and old, of Ogdensburg and surrounding communities.

In closing, it is important to note that a “Yes” vote to the referendum measure will not increase taxes to the taxpayers of Ogdensburg. It simply shifts the tax collection to a line item on your school tax bill and lowers your tax liability on your city tax bill. Secondly, though it is held the same day, it is also important to note your vote on the library referendum is independent of your vote for the Ogdensburg City School District’s budget (though we encourage you to support its proposed budget as well).

Once again, please join us and vote “Yes” to the Ogdensburg Public Library’s referendum measure. Thank you.

Tom and Debbie Hannan


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The Library has been a long time asset in the Ogdensburg Community and needs to remain for the whole Community, despite the attempt by the Mayor, 3 new Council and Unqualified City Manager to destroy it. Vote YES on the school ballot.

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