Fogel deserves seat on state Supreme Court

We are just weeks away from local elections in the city, and I will be voting for two Republican candidates who represent fresh leadership in the community: Esbon “E.J.” Worden and Robert J. Edie.

Both men have strong blue collar roots in Ogdensburg, are in the prime of their personal lives and working careers, and are running for office to continue improving the city for current residents and for the next generations.

One of the greatest strengths they bring with them is the fact that both men have little to no experience in local government. They come with no baggage and no set agenda. They don’t belong to a faction or a clique.

They are fresh political faces who simply are running to help better their own hometown. Coming from the private business sector, they both understand that lowering taxes, reducing government spending and promoting the city of Ogdensburg as a destination community are the keys to business and economic growth. Mr. Worden and Mr. Edie both deserve a chance to serve in office.

On the other hand, the three incumbents up for election in November have already proven that they are incapable of making the tough decisions needed to move the city forward. Dan Skamperle, Mike Powers and Nichole Kennedy all have a record and political legacy in this community yet have decided to run a “stealth political campaign” this election cycle. Can you blame them?

If you drive around Ogdensburg, you won’t even find any political signs for the incumbents. Is that because no one wants one of their signs on their yard? Or is it because they are embarrassed by their own records of doing nothing except raising taxes, bloating government spending and riding the fence when it comes to making tough decisions?

Ask yourself, what are the major accomplishments of any of the incumbents after serving years in Ogdensburg City Hall?

On Election Day, I will be voting for the two straight line Republicans running for Ogdensburg City Council. Robert Edie and E.J. Worden represent fresh, honest leadership and new thinking. With their help, we can all continue moving this city in a positive direction for both local residents and local businesses.

Jeffrey M. Skelly


The writer is mayor of the city of Ogdensburg.

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(4) comments


One works for Skelly and the other with Dillabough, thus the baggage Skelly lied saying they have no baggage. They have no agenda because they just need to follow Skelly's agenda and their jobs will be safe.

Joseph Savoca

Worden is an employee of Mayor Mike Skelly.


When does "no experience" equate to a "strength"? This is Skelly logic. And if a person isn't with Skelly's ideas, he'll LIE about them. He and the Council majority cut taxes but lied about keeping jobs safe. Their shameful acts are a disgrace and give Ogdensburg a bad image. Is this what people want? if candidates want to align themselves with LIARS, then so be it. I would rather have a Council that is honest, transparent and who will listen to all citizens ideas. The City also needs an experienced City Manager rather than an Unqualified Unprofessional One, who also lies and is childishly defensive when questioned about his reckless decisions.

Joseph Savoca

"They come with no baggage and no set agenda. They don’t belong to a faction or a clique."

Sounds like time for people to do their famous "own research" on these claims.

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