Suppress religious right’s influence on policy

Yesterday’s unconstitutional Supreme Court justice decision to overturn Roe v. Wade [the draft majority opinion was leaked Monday] is an impeachable offense and a complete disregard for the rights of individuals in the United States to make their own healthcare decisions.

It is an attack on the rights of women, once again, resorting them to second class citizens without the same benefits that men have in controlling their own destinies.

It is time for the Supreme Court justices to be impeached for violation of the separation of church and state: impeached, fined and prosecuted for false representation of the law and religious heretic deception disregarding the will of the people.

This irresponsible and callous act further defines the need to suppress the religious right’s influence in public policy and to enact laws that limit their rights in legislation.

As [a] candidate for public office, I have drafted the start of what I call the Religious Hypocrisy & Evangelical Ministry Accountability Act, which will ensure that the rights of individuals will always supercede the decisions of a religious body that has no business interfering in personal choices.

This act will further tax churches and ministries, requiring that those dollars be used to help the poor, sick and elderly; and to remove televangelist ministries that push fascist and autocratic agendas with false information from the airwaves — prosecuting those offenders with lifelong bans from religious services, fines and, in necessary cases, imprisonment.

The religious right has determined that they are going to dictate policy for the rest of us. We are not going to allow that to happen. The Evangelicals, who are false Christians, have become a dangerous, militant terrorist organization that is determined to push their agenda upon the rest of us in an effort to gain what they desire most: power.

It is time to hold the Evangelicals accountable for their hypocrisy by removing them from any sphere of influence that aims to effectively brainwash their followers with false doctrine, fueled by their corruption, hatred and self-righteousness.

We must settle the divide between church and state and make it permanent.

Wil Fiacco

Town of Lee

The writer is a Democratic candidate for the state Assembly’s 117th District.

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Pat Luppens

Separation of church and state is a good idea. Good, but impossible to achieve in a country where the overwhelming majority of the people are religious.


Let's start with Mitch McConnell - and his Garland fiasco Then let's go to Trump's Supreme Court nominees Barret, Kavanaugh, and Gorscuh lying under oath during their confrimation hearings. Alito "Abortion isn't in the the Sonstitution". There are a lot of thing not in the Constitution that are legally practiced in the US. And how about the article that states that Congress declares War. That has been ignored since World War 2.

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