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Think long and hard before signing a budget plan with your fuel provider for your propane account. Keep in mind that when you have a fuel oil or kerosene account, you own the tank and the fuel in it once it is paid for. This is not true for a propane account.

If your propane provider tells you that you must have a budget plan before you can lock in a price for the heating season, run as fast as you can to another dealership. We did not, and now we are paying for that mistake.

After being with the same company for several years and always paying on time, we decided to check prices with other dealers since our price per gallon was consistently increasing. We found a provider who offered 60 cents less a gallon with no budget required. After we satisfied our seasonal budget with our fuel dealer, we told them we would be doing business elsewhere.

The new company delivered its tanks and unhooked the ones that we had and placed them in a convenient location for them to be picked up. Both tanks were nearly full, of fuel so we were looking at a sizable refund.

The problem is that the restocking fee we were charged was more than half the value of the fuel, not only that we were charged for the fuel that we did not use because of having a milder winter. The company set the amount of estimated usage, and it still has the product in inventory to sell to someone else.

If you have signed a budget plan for propane, make sure that you don’t have any undelivered fuel and use as much of the propane in you tank as possible before switching dealers.

Linda Gibson


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And the company?


Typically the bulk rate contracts contain language that includes the costs for cancelling that the author is noting .... read the contract language...

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