Trump and supporters bear blame for crisis

Tedra Cobb stated in December 2019 that she supported the impeachment of President Trump. Now that the impeachment hoax is over, Tedra flip-flopped her stance on the issue. In December, Tedra would have voted to impeach and remove the president if she had the opportunity. She claimed that she would have voted with Democratic leaders like U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi in the House.

In early February, Tedra was asked by a reporter about impeachment and said, ‘‘No, I don’t support his removal from office.” How ignorant does Tedra think north country voters are? We read her statements and wonder what she really believes or would do. The fact is that Tedra lied once again to north country voters. I wonder how her liberal Hollywood donors like Rosie O’Donnell will react.

This is a continuing pattern from Tedra. She previously flip-flopped about banning assault weapons, USMCA and Medicare for All. Tedra Cobb seems to be in favor of what is currently popular. If what’s popular changes tomorrow, so will Tedra Cobb change.

It is frightening to think what she’d do in Washington. I hope the voters see through her lies this November.

I’m glad this impeachment sham is over and Congress can get back to work for the American people.

A question someone should ask Tedra Cobb is: Where are you this year on the Second Amendment? Are you still in line with U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer and Pelosi?

Hank Ford


The writer is chairman of the St. Lawrence Conservative Party and chairman of the New York State Conservative Party Northern Region.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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“Without a fair trial” to b more specific!


Imagine being a grown adult and holding a grudge against Rosie O’Donnell because Trump got in a catty drama Twitter fight with her 15 years ago. This is mental illness.


President Trump owes hundreds of millions to foreign banks. The fact that Republicans are ok with a president who owes millions to people from other countries tells you so much about their phony “patriotism”. Remember, draft dodger Trump hates POW’s! He only likes heroes who weren’t captured.


President Trump was cheating on his third wife while she was pregnant with adult film star Storming Daniels. Remember when Republicans said they were “The Family Values Party’? Why is this guy triggered by Rosie O’Donnell?

Flip Flop on issues? Remember when Republicans said the budget deficit was bad? Government spending under Trump went up dramatically. Republicans stand for nothing other than being cowards on every issue. Dennis Hastert types.


Thought we were talking about Tedra cobb

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