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In 1935, Congress enacted the Social Security Act, establishing the right of every American to security in their later years or in case of disability. No longer would hard-working Americans have to fear events like the Great Depression. My parents, young adults then, began paying into that fund every payday until they drew on those benefits at retirement. When I became a young adult in the 1960s, I did likewise.

In 1965, Congress added Medicare, making Social Security stronger and providing access to care for all senior citizens. Our children are now adults; they too pay into Social Security with every paycheck, keeping the system strong for their and our futures.

But our Social Security is under attack by some members of Congress and most recently by the president. On Aug. 8, Donald Trump declared a payroll tax holiday until Dec. 31, deferring money that should be used solely for the support of our Social Security programs.

He directed that money that should have gone into the Social Security Trust Fund each pay period will not be deposited, weakening our future protections. Cancelling the paycheck deductions will be of no benefit for any of the millions of unemployed people since they currently receive no paycheck at all.

The president recently went on the record advocating the termination of our Social Security programs. U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has repeatedly called for changes to these critical programs in favor of privatized retirement plans, ending our Social Security system as we know it. She states that there is a Social Security crisis, calling instead for individually funded investment plans like the ones that were decimated in the 2008 recession.

Fortunately for us, Tedra Cobb is running for the NY-21 seat in Congress. Tedra understands that Social Security protects each of us in our later years — security that is not dependent on wealth or on a welfare system. She knows that the funds we deposit in the Social Security Trust Fund with every paycheck are essential to a stable community, allowing all of our seniors and those with disabilities to have security in their later years.

That’s why I am supporting Tedra Cobb for Congress. Tedra pledges to protect the Social Security system that has served us well for more than 75 years. She has earned my vote — and yours.

Eileen Raymond


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Great letter!

Any program that benefits average people and not just the rich is “socialism” to Republicans. How Trump voters can think he has their backs is beyond me. How many of them are going to be in the soup if he gets ACA killed? And they’ll still support him. Thank you, sir. May I have another?

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