U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s Coffee with Your Congresswoman events showed how inept she is as a representative of the people in the 21st Congressional District!

Throughout one of the meetings, she flipped back and forth on issues from health care to the war in Syria. Her loyalty to north country folks is whichever way the wind blows. When questioned on health care and why she wants to take away the Affordable Care Act, she responded, “I don’t like the way they did it!”

This being said, she doesn’t have a plan of her own nor does any other person in her party. Again, pre-existing conditions are ruled out by her and she hangs her hat on President Donald Trump, who has made promise after promise about giving us “the best health care plan we ever had!”

Like Trump, Elise Stefanik shifts views faster than the speed of light. Lying seems to be contagious as her stories look more like something Pinocchio would have said. Supporting our troops one minute and then giving in to Trump while our troops are put in jeopardy by his whims!

The north country needs strong leadership from someone who doesn’t kowtow to party leaders! Tedra Cobb is that person, and she has proven credentials of taking care of the people and not party leaders.

Cobb’s career has been one of caring for the needs of everyone without regard to party affiliations. Serving St. Lawrence County, she showed this time and time again. I urge my fellow north country voters to elect Tedra Cobb for the 21st Congressional District in 2020.

Gary Philip Guido


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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I stand with Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for the amazing job she is doing standing for our President & Country... Respectfully M. Booth, Watertown, NY

hermit thrush

you mean the amazing lies and mendacity? did you like her stunt in the hearings the other day when she pretended to be offended about schiff not allowing her to speak, when she knew fully well that it was against the rules for her to speak then?


I share this sentiment. But we have readers on here that obviously know more than her. They sit in on top briefings. They speak to people daily about international intelligence. Stefanik is of course going to go after Schiff because let's be honest...he is a disaster. Not a shred of transparency. And Schiff will go after Trump as will his colleagues. It's a biased two party system. Voters get to decide who they think is correct. As for Cobb not kowtowing to her party...it would be a breath of fresh air if elected officials wouldn't. I have followed her, she is no different. We all must choose

hermit thrush

adam schiff is doing a very fine job. you are flat out lying about "not a shred of transparency." all too typical, i'm afraid.


It would serve Elise, and the GOP, if they would at least take the position that, "yea, with the evidence, POTUS probably did it, but we just don't think it rises to the level of impeachment"... Their position that it just didn't happen doesn't is politically driven...and not believable.

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