Trump hurts 1st Amendment with attacks

It appears to me that the many problems we have with our government could be solved with two simple revisions to our Constitution. First, an amendment reading: “A person may not serve more than 12 years in Congress either as a senator or a representative.” And the subsequent amendment should read: “No person shall contribute or loan more than $2,500 to an individual running for Congress or to a group supporting the individual running for Congress. A non-breathing entity shall be prohibited from providing financial or any other form of assistance to a candidate.”

What will these amendments accomplish? First, permit the office-holders to concentrate on their jobs and not on building their re-election war chest. Secondly, stop corporations, businesses, special interest groups from buying our government, thereby restraining their influence in the decision process.

Too bad no politician would have the strength of heart to champion this cause.

Larry Smith

Chippewa Bay

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Part of being politically active requires awareness. Not only are there some politicians who have supported term limits, the June 18 Senate Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on The Constitution has held a hearing on setting term limits, with all members of the committee in support. The committee is bipartisan, comprised of Republicans and Democrats.

hermit thrush

caps on dontations would be a good idea, but term limits are not. all term limits will do is empower lobbyists. we should be encouraging good people to do the work of politics, but term limits do the opposite.

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