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We now have a rogue government, disobeying its oath to the Constitution, in the White House. America is at a critical crossroad in its history. How we survive as a democracy will be proven in the near future by how our democracy deals with its own corruption.

I’m a registered Republican, and I’m appalled and saddened at what is happening to the Republican Party. The party is turning into a personality cult. What bothers me the most is that the mainstream conservative elected representatives have backed a president sympathetic to a foreign adversary power just to get control of this country in a secondary satellite position to Russia. When President Donald Trump said in public, in fact in front of the whole world, that he believed a KGB chief, Vladimir Putin, more than his own intelligence forces, this was a dead indicator of his betrayal to the USA.

The Republican Party formally represented the conservative position of fiscal responsibility. Now this position has been thrown out the window. Trump promised in a long string of lies during his campaign that he would reduce the national debt. In fact, it has increased by $1 trillion each year since he has been in office. He also promised to decrease the trade deficit, but it has only gone up ever since he moved into the Oval Office with his Russian friends. He promised the Midwestern farmers, who feed the world, that he would be on their side but they are now going bankrupt because of the tariffs.

It really seems like he is doing everything he can to wreck this country, and the Republican Party apparently is OK with him. It is sickening and maddening to watch this happen right under the Republican Party’s noses like they have blinders on. Remember the middle class tax cuts Trump promised before the mid-term elections? Well, you haven’t heard a darn thing about them since the elections are over have you? About the only cuts he has done are for the billionaires and corporations, little for the middle class. The old saying that you shouldn’t vote Republican unless you are a multi-millionaire or stupid is coming true again.

Just the other day, my cousin Larry said he was talking to a Democratic friend of his who said he hopes Trump is re-elected because it will mean the end of the Republican Party. How can all of our Republican elected officials be so intentionally blind as to what is happening? Corruption, neglect or 30 pieces of silver? The one thing you can count on with Trump is that it won’t be as he says. To what depth of un-American behavior has the Republican Party descended? If it continues, I will re-register as Independent.

Edward L. Barlow


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