Duffy would represent us well in Assembly

I’m so happy to have played a small part online in a successful effort to help OVD-Info, the Russian human rights and peace organization providing free legal help to the 15,000-plus Russians arrested for opposing the Ukraine war, among its many other activities. Its website runs on donations. A recent front page New York Times article mentions OVD-Info three times.

OVD-Info’s previously had its website shut down by the Russian government; it’s back up. The government also declared the group a foreign agent even though all of its members are Russians.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson warned me that the war in Ukraine has now entered a new critical stage. He cited Carl von Clausewitz’s writing that defensive warfare is stronger than offensive; you need from 3-to-1 to 8-to-1 numerical superiority to defeat a dug-in foe. Ukraine had that advantage until now, with Russian draftees not told they were being sent into combat, with long vulnerable supply lines. Also, thousands of Ukrainian civilians had an app on their smartphones to report Russian troop movements.

Now if Russian troops can outpunch Ukraine in the East and gain defensive lines to dig in, they will have no supply line trouble with Russia at their backs. However, Ukraine will have a 700-mile long supply line. Advantage bad guys.

This war is proving that all war is now obsolete as a way of getting anything done. The world’s too small and interdependent for war to do anything but make everyone lose. This war’s ruining the economies of Russia, Western Europe and the United States.

Ukraine’s economy and infrastructure won’t be rebuilt in the lifetimes of current Ukrainians. Russia and Ukraine normally produce so much of the world’s wheat and grain that a worldwide famine may follow this war.

The refugee crisis will challenge leadership of Europe and the United States. The worldwide energy economy will be upside-down.

All those millions of explosions have damaged the atmosphere. Nobody wins.

Roland Van Deusen


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Arms makers win. Oil companies win. NATO wins. Green energy wins.

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