Time for us to face consequences of racism

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has recently been accused of not defending the U.S. Constitution. In fact, the quote literally stated that she is wiping her backside with it. It appears to me that the “wannabe” politician who made that statement [Tedra Cobb] has not done her homework or research in what Rep. Stefanik truly stands for. The work that she has already done speaks for itself.

Elise has always defended our Second Amendment right and has protected our right to bear arms. She openly opposed the NY SAFE Act and continues to fight against it to this day. With so many hunters and gun owners in our district, it means a lot to us to have a representative in Washington, D.C., who defends the gun rights that are protected for us through the constitution.

Elise Stefanik also defended the Constitution during the sham of an impeachment inquiry that was thrown upon President Donald Trump. Elise stayed strong and asked the tough questions to U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff and his witnesses. She also worked tirelessly to prove what a majority of her constituents already knew, that it was a sham and President Trump would be exonerated.

There are many people who do not have any respect for the Constitution. There are gun grabbers, social media censors, impeachment seekers and so many more. However, one thing is for certain and that’s Elise Stefanik continues to fight for our Constitution.

Conner Ashlaw


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Holmes -- the real one

Connor Ashlaw of Carthage -- did you read the Constitution, Preamble, and Amendments in high school? Did you happen to notice that there was more there than the 2nd Amendment? People who graduate are supposed to know that stuff.

Do you actually think that attempting to extort another country's government to drum up baseless accusations against a rival is appropriate? Would it be OK with you if the side you don't agree with does that too?

We have recently seen that Stefanik was well aware that Russia was paying bounty to the Taliban to kill American soldiers. It looks like she knew that for some time and said and did nothing. Is that OK with you too? If you were a soldier would you want the situation to be handled that way? Would you like to be the one to try and justify that lack of action to the family members of a soldier who was killed by a bounty hunter?

What in the world is going through your head?

Look Connor, you have a lot of growing up to do. This letter of yours is an embarrassment and it betrays some deep ignorance about current events. Hopefully at some point you will learn enough to realize that.

For now, if you want to talk about the Constitution try reading it first.

hermit thrush

donald trump attempted to use the powers of his office to extort a foreign government into launching a baseless investigation of an american citizen for no reason other than trump's personal political benefit. elise stefanik went along with all of it. she's no defender of the constitution; what she did with it is exactly as tedra cobb said.




Bravo, Connor Ashlaw. Well stated!


Stefanik can defend the second amendment all she wants. There is no proposal presently to repeal the second amendment. Yes ,there may be gun safety acts put in place but it does not infringe on 2nd amendment rights. Guns and bullets can still be purchased no one is denied as long they meet the requirements. Now, if one want military style weapon they should join the Armed Forces. Stefanik is so big in defending the Constitution she had an opportunity during Trump's impeachment trial. If there was ever a time the Constitution needed defending it was then.


stefanik does not defend the U.S. Constitution


President Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign banks, due to his four bankruptcies no American bank would lend to him. Trump’s former cabinet member, John Bolton, has confirmed that Trump did do what he was accused of at Impeachment. Now we have 125,000 dead Americans killed by something Trump called “Their new hoax” in late February, and he just held a massive rally with no masks and no social distancing.

Imagine the mental defect needed to support Trump and the rest of the Dennis Hastert party.




Weird name, considering the last sentence. Imagine the mental defect necessary to support Trump... We've heard it before from Obama, Hillary, Stumbling Joe and the other elites: We're ignorant, irredeemable, unsophisticated, etc. These are the arrogant statements of an arrogant person.


I notice you couldn't bring yourself to say the assessment isn't TRUE.

If you can't lie on command, Trump has no use for you, Comrade Bull ****.


Focus on the First name: CON.

Get it Comrade Bull ****?


The label "comrade" is reserved for cowardly punks who only pretend to know the word "law". Got that Comrade ***wipe?

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