Police officers must be thoroughly trained

So it looks like the save-the-trees, feel good era has ended with the banning of plastic grocery bags.

A couple rivers in Asia and Africa have apparently become plugged up with plastic trash because population centers along those rivers do not properly dispose of their garbage.

In sympathy for the poor fish who have to travel through this stuff, we in New York state, in a burst of feel goodism, have elected to disrupt commerce with the bag ban.

And it works.

I feel ecstatic already!

In my quest to always launch great ideas to help the people, I offer this solution to the problem of ripping paper bags that are difficult to carry when loaded and refuse to stand up straight in a moving vehicle.

This does not require the permanent grocery bags, which are a bit bulky and subject to being forgotten when traveling to the market.

Here’s the plan:

Buy a box of small garbage bags as you shop.

Run this through the checkout first, open it, use the bags to bag your groceries and move on. Bags with draw strings are best because you can grasp more of them in one hand for carrying.

The extra bags can be left in the box in the car, to be carried in purse or pocket the next time you go into the grocery store.

And you’ll have those handy bags for your smaller garbage cans or to lug bottles and cans to the redemption center, etc.

Or they can be used as luggage.

(For years, I thought matched luggage was two shopping bags from the same store.)

Grocery stores might well serve the customers by having a supply of these bags near the cash-out for those who forgot to pick them up while shopping.

P.S.: I have no idea what to do about the present toilet paper shortage brought on by the politically-incorrect-to-name-it bug.

I’m thinking hard.

The way our dollar is losing value might well be our solution to this problem.

William C. Lewis

Brasher Falls

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Farmer Liz

Are you serious? Plastic bags are everywhere. They litter our highways, our waterways, even our backyards. They are hanging from trees, caught in bushes and are being swept down our streams. They will not break down in our lifetimes, or even those of our grandchildren. That you would suggest replacing plastic bags with - yes- plastic bags, is irresponsible and harmful. Shame on you. Buy a couple of cloth bags for about a dollar each, and do your part. Shaking my head right now.

Holmes -- the real one

In case we happened to notice a shift in the Force out Brasher Falls way, William C. Lewis has stated, "I’m thinking hard."

P.S. There is no toilet paper "shortage."


I was surprised there was a "save the trees, feel good era". Missed it I guess.

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