Trial could spark conflict not seen in years

Just as the assignation of Archduke Ferdinand in Europe is universally recognized as the trigger point that started World War 1, the trial of the murder of George Floyd can be the trigger point of another American revolution that many foreign nations want and also the white supremacists have been working to bring about since the Confederacy in this country.

The lack of justice in this case, which has drawn worldwide interest, could be the trigger of division that starts a conflict in America not seen in 150 years. This would put our enemies into a jubilant phase seeking to influence our society in all negative ways as much as possible. Not since the rise of the Confederacy itself has the American government been under such a threat.

Heads up, America; it’s closer than you think. One wrong decision now and here it comes!

Edward L. Barlow


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She's back

Oddly, I heard this same hysteria about an upcoming apocalyptic race war from from some local fingered garage mechanic during the original BLM civil unrest BACK in 2013. America survived. Although Justice has not improved.

Charlie McGrath

The trial has not concluded that George Floyd was murdered. It so far is an accusation but you have concluded that the RIGHT decision has to be made. HopefullyI guess you have already decided what that decision should be. The racial division started with the election of Barack Obama and the continued divisive rhetoric by the democrats that has all but negated everything MLK achieved. The new boogeyman is white supremacists. All white people are racists according to the narrative and should apologize for being white. There is no systemic racism except in the minds of those who want to keep this country divided. Giving money to farmers of color and not white farmers or white female farmers is a perfect example of racism and sexism. But that's different they say. Biden now says that no amendment is absolute. The words of a dictator. We did not get those rights from the government. We got those from God. The government gets their power from the people. Not the reverse.


Whats the right decision, Ed? Are you in charge of the verdict? Are you saying that if Chauvin is not convicted, the mob will burn the country down? Will they be justified in doing so, in your opinion? I think you and your thinking are dangerous. There is a process in place. Let it work and accept the outcome. Anything else reeks of irresponsibility.

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