Murder, bribery, prostitution, illegal alcohol, gambling — none of these crimes put Al Capone in prison. Failure to pay income tax was the one crime he couldn’t escape and resulted in Capone being locked up.

Donald Trump should have remembered that historical event when he was filing his state and federal tax returns. How can a billionaire pay less taxes than the average hourly worker has withheld for Social Security?

Trump has refused to show his tax returns by claiming they were under audit. How ironic! The U.S. Department of Justice and New York officials are auditing his tax returns, and Donald Trump may become the first ex-president to spend time in prison.

J.D. Norris


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Charlie McGrath

I love it when someone who knows nothing about big business and tax reporting decides that someone else doesn't pay enough or is committing a crime. If you knew anything about it you would understand that being a billionaire is about how much one owns versus how much debt one has and not about current income tax and the rules that govern reporting income and expenses. New York had no evidence of a crime but are trying to find some so they can "get" Trump. The NY Attorney General campaigned on getting Trump. Sounds fair to you, right? He must have done something illegal because they hate him so they are fishing. I'll bet if they looked at your tax return(s) back to Adam and Eve they would find errors. Trump doesn't do his own tax returns but relies upon experts, as most people do. Rental real estate rules have current tax advantages that legally avoid ordinary taxation at high rates and allow lower capital gains rates in the future. That's the idea behind rental real estate. Know what you are talking about before you open your mouth. You sound like a fool but most people who hate Trump are applauding your letter.


Caesar comes for you if you don’t render unto him. 😢 Bye Don!

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