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President Donald Trump and his supporters have cried foul regarding the process being followed by the majority Democrats in the House. President Trump has also cried foul that his due process rights aren’t being respected.

These complaints reflect either a serious misunderstanding of how these processes work, or a willful distortion to distract and confuse.

Calling the process “unconstitutional” is laughable, given that impeachment is, in fact, a constitutional remedy to one who abuses the office.

Complaints about due process are also misguided. Due process is a right guaranteed to those accused of crimes. Impeachment is not a criminal investigation. It is an open question whether due process rights even apply during impeachment. But if we are to extend due process to the impeachment process, we should consider that the House investigation is like a grand jury hearing.

The defense does not present to the grand jury. The grand jury is in the process of deciding if it appropriate to bring charges, and what those charges should be. The time for the defense to mount its case is during the trial, which happens in the Senate. The president needs to wait until then to have any legitimate claim to process violations.

Dan Sullivan-Catlin


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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I think from the comments I heard and read he was congratulatory towards the folks who got the job done. I am focusing on the successes of both people in regards to this issue. Trump was 100% correct however in NOT letting anyone outside the room know what was happening. It today’s Washington who knows how any leak may have put the boys in harms way. On this I agree with him.

Farmer Liz

Doesn't understand what impeachment means? He doesn't even understand what "President" means.

Holmes -- the real one

Perhaps our nation can work together to help him learn just what impeachment means.


Not sure what this means but if you are referring to winning the next election then yes, that’s the way it’s done. It won’t be easy.

I didn’t see an article today on it with the times but congratulations but go out to trump and the military on getting their guy. Both Obama and trump deserve praise for their eradication of the leaders of isis at the time of their presidencies.


Agreed....both POTUS made the decisions to Go or No Go on the operations...if it fails, they pay the price... the only difference between the two is Trump's previous comments on Obama... "Trump had declared President Obama did not deserve congratulations for the feat because it was “Navy SEALS [who] killed bin Laden” ...his constant ability to never miss an opportunity to put his foot in his mouth...

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