On Jan. 20, the United States and South Korea diagnosed their first cases of the novel coronavirus. As of today, the United States has suffered more than 230,000 COVID-19 deaths while the South Koreans have had only [461???]. How could that be? What went so drastically wrong in America?

Immediately after its first case, South Korea suspended all travel into the country. Strict quarantine measures were enacted. Officials tested frequently and aggressively. New cases were quickly identified, contact traced and isolated.

They stopped the spread of the virus. They saved thousands of lives. Many other countries such as New Zealand, Vietnam and Finland responded similarly. They all did the right things.

In late January, President Donald Trump knew the virus was lethal and highly contagious. His advisers implored him to shut down travel into the United States and employ testing and contact tracing as was done in South Korea.

In January and early February, however, Trump did very little. He feared that such measures would hurt the economy and subsequently endanger his re-election. He chose money and power over life.

Eventually, travel restrictions were enacted. But by then, it was way too late.

The virus had already infected New York and the West Coast. Moreover, there was little testing and contact tracing, allowing the virus to spread rapidly and kill thousands.

This did not have to happen. It is Trump’s fault.

To this day, Trump’s response to the virus is a disaster. He mocks masks and social distancing.

He encourages states with spiking numbers of the coronavirus to open up. He deliberately allows the virus to flourish and kill.

Through all this the Republicans in Congress, including U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, say nothing. Their silence is complicity with Trump’s failure to deal with the virus. They and Trump are responsible for nothing less than an American genocide.

They are despicable. They need to go. Vote them out.

William Pelton


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(3) comments

hermit thrush

good letter.


As of today, the United States has suffered more than 230,000 COVID-19 deaths while the South Koreans have had only [461???]. How could that be?


Believing in science and expertise?

Not electing a narcissistic conman?


They did little about the virus period!

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