Stefanik will handily win the race in NY-21

Donald Trump has declared that he is a wartime president against this invisible enemy, the novel coronavirus.

That makes him responsible even though he says that he is not responsible. With mismanagement, his wartime death toll in just a couple of months has now more than doubled the death toll of the Vietnam War of 11 years!

With the numbers of dead in only a few months surpassing that of entire wars that lasted years and even decades is among the worst wartime records of any president. We don’t need a cheerleader; we need a real leader.

He has failed his first-term green horn trials completely. The only thing we can be thankful for is this is not a hot war he is bungling. If he is re-elected with compromising foreign help again, the military may be forced to ignore him or remove him as a national threat.

Remember what was said by Michel Cohen, his longtime legal fixer who is now doing time: “If Trump is voted out, he will refuse to leave the White House.” He will make a false claim of voter fraud or something like he has done so many times before.

This rocky story of the corruption in the Oval Office is not over. It will get much worse as he finishes out his first term. He is killing more Americans and weakens this country more than Vladimir Putin could with actual war.

Did you ever get an idea whom this Trump is working for? I can say it is not us; all he does for us is blow smoke up our rear end!

Edward L. Barlow


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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The sad comedy is there were people in this comments section saying Cuomo was overdoing it and New York should be more like Texas and Florida today. Much of New York has an infection rate more like South Korea today. We know who was right and who was wrong.

Holmes -- the real one

Not to mention the NNY360 "experts" on the editorial board.

keyser soze

I’m content to hunker down in my “protected” blue state over the MAGAbilly red states any day. Our residents are encouraged to wear masks, and those who don’t are called out. Our governor and legislators might not be perfect, but they follow science and medical experts in crafting public policy and directives.

keyser soze

More than 35,000 new Covid-19 cases were identified across the United States on Wednesday and still, fully four months into this crisis, Trump and Pence stubbornly insist on setting the worst possible tone and example.

If trump had an ounce of common sense or cared at all about "his" economy, or the American people, he'd have been all about a "safe" re-opening – (masks / social distancing, etc.) and he would have made d@mn sure his followers understood in no uncertain terms why those two small adjustments would be good for them, and good for the country.

But no!! That was too much to expect. He won't be seen wearing a mask and he howled for the "liberation of Michigan!"

He is a deadly one-trick pony. All he knows how to do is grandstand and stir up self pity and grievance. He cannot think critically. He cannot solve problems. He cannot lead.

He is a worthless demagogue. And because of that, we Americans will have needless, prolonged suffering in an economy sucked back into successive shutdowns – only to face millions of illnesses and deaths which could have been avoided.

He is beneath contempt.



Holmes -- the real one

Well written directly to the point, keyser soze


You could have stopped at 'tRUMP has a bad record'.

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