Time for us to face consequences of racism

As the country begins to reopen, we still hear from health care workers and hospital administrators across the country asking for personal protective equipment, gowns and N95 masks as well as testing supplies and reliable testing equipment. Testing for the novel coronavirus needs to be available to all workers who work in close contact with each other as well as those working with the general public.

President Donald Trump stated that anyone who wanted to get a test could. Yet he did nothing in a timely manner to make testing a reality. Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other governors had to cajole him into acting so the federal government would trigger the international supply chain. It seems incredulous that Trump insists on states reopening but takes little responsibility to make sure states have the necessary supplies. Instead, he chooses to bully them into reopening ignoring his own administration’s guidelines.

Now we see Trump bullying governors and protestors with military intervention due to the protests across the country. Trump exhibits no empathy for the deaths of so many African Americans at the hands of brutal police tactics. By declaring “law and order,” he doesn’t distinguish between angry individuals and peaceful protestors; consequently, he completely ignores the protestors’ message: no more murderous police tactics against blacks and other minority groups.

The removal of peaceful protestors by brute force at Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C., so Trump and White House officials could parade to St. John’s Episcopal Church for a staged photo-op shocked Americans across the country. Every religious Christians should be outraged that a place of worship was used for a show of force and political gain with the Bible as a symbol of dominance.

Does Trump really care about Americans? Or does he only care about white Americans, rich Americans, Americans who praise him? What about the 114,000-plus Americans dead due to COVID-19? Trump’s lack of initiative to fight COVID-19 in accordance with his own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and his indifference to the sufferings of many Americans is inconceivable.

We’ve waited over three years for Trump to show compassion, understanding and insight into the lives of the ordinary citizen. He hasn’t.

President Trump needed to “step up to the plate” and unite our country. He hasn’t done this. He hasn’t done his job.

President Trump, you’re fired.

Cynthia Graham


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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hermit thrush

good letter.



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