Early in the course of this COVID-19 nightmare, the guy in the White House brashly called himself a wartime president. He isn’t much of a president.

And if Donald Trump considered COVID a war, he lost it badly. He didn’t even try to win it. He put it off on the states until it was too late to make a difference.

To appease his ego, he should know he passed a milestone over a real wartime president. On Dec. 11 or 12 (I lost track; it’s happening fast), COVID deaths eclipsed the total of 292,131 U.S. battlefield deaths during World War II.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to recover from a surprise attack and rearm to defeat the Axis powers over three-plus years until his death. It took Trumpy Bear less than 11 months to surpass that total.

The response by him and his administration to COVID was shameful and deceitful. Even after forming a task force with qualified medical professionals, Trump dismissed their advice and insulted their intelligence. Instead of embracing the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, his task force members and the whole medical field, he encouraged the population to disregard those recommendations and protest state mandates.

During public appearances, he ignored rules for masks and social distancing and encouraged everyone to do the same, resulting in many disease spikes. The deaths resulting from his poor example amount to irresponsible homicide.

Even during the campaign debates, Trump mocked his opponent for wearing a mask and suggested it was a sign of weakness. Great message to the people!

The poorest example of leadership surfaced when the loser refused to concede the election. By denying any information to the incoming team in the transition, he stymied progress for any current issues including COVID-19.

Look at the escalation of cases and deaths in the weeks since the election. No one can justify his disregard for life.

By refusing to concede the election or do anything to help fight this tragedy, King Donald has intentional homicide on his hands. His dark shadow will cover us for years.

Michael Jolliff


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Green Grace

I keep trying to imagine the Republicans being so patient with any Democrat having mismanaged anything so incompetently. They were all over Obama over four deaths from the Ebola virus...............


If FDR had acted like Trump he would’ve just gone sailing everyday after Pearl Harbor.


Exactly... leaders during a crisis, like FDR and Churchill, during the depression or WW2, addressed the nation with encouragement and direction ..... POTUS lacks that ability... leadership addresses the crisis head on... be it a depression, Pearl Harbor, or Hitler... Talk to the nation POTUS!!! offer a national war type plan to beat Covid in 6 months... engage the military...national guard...the state leaders... do something other than recount Georgia votes...

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