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Please sum up all the opinions and views of more than half of the United States — those who constantly poll more than 50 percent disapproval of President Donald J. Trump — then couple that in with tons of excellent journalistic reporting, opinions, both editorial boards and citizens in print and over that airwaves, the assessments from renowned political officials — both present and past — and what picture emerges? I believe we see that Trump is unprepared, unqualified, undisciplined, immature and an uncouth man serving as our president who in reality skillfully fooled and conned his way into office.

Now, it’s all coming to light who he really is: a horrible person almost beyond description. When words are used to describe him, what do we really see and hear from him? More nasty personal attacks and blasts across the land from him and his steadfast followers. Why is that?

From the very beginning in 2016, very little that we see now was apparent then. What was seen and heard was merely brushed aside as “fake news” or “politics as usual.”

Except it was not. What we now know about Trump was not clear back then — it’s just that simple. Besides, few thought he could win. My main point: Why do Republicans in office and in his staunch base stick with him like glue with all we now know and see and hear from him? Simple, I believe.

Those sticking with him and defending him think like him, believe like him and are like-minded in all he says and does. They like Trump, too, for the nasty, ugly rawness from Trump, and they detest anything and anyone anti-Trump.

In short, those sticking with him no matter what are prepared for the very worst ever in U.S. history not seen since horrible days of the Civil War, race riots in Los Angeles and Harlem and elsewhere, and the Vietnam War years like in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic Convention, and the terrible things in between — his base, as Trump would say, is “cocked and loaded.”

However, what does that say about us? Not easy to say, is it? I tried.

Danny M. Francis


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Just re-read this article. Shame on the writer and calling anyone who voted for Trump the names he did. By this silly and hateful rational then anyone who voted for Bill Clinton and stuck with him after Monica L...would be sexist pigs. This writer is common on here and smart enough to know that people will stick to party no matter what, like himself. Shameful discord.


Airball55: You are 100% incorrect to say I "called anyone who vote Trump some names." You imply I called Trump voters something awful or nasty - sorry, but you mistake me for someone else who does that - hint: Donald J. Trump. You might outta read my letter several more times and then go back to K-6 and study grammar and sentence structure. Your are entitled to your opinion, but you are entitled to the facts. — Dan Francis

Farmer Liz

I, too, have re-read this letter, and cannot find any examples of calling Trump supporters names. I have been a staunch Democrat all my life, and did NOT condone Bill Clinton's behavior, which now seems far less important now than the behavior of our current "president." I will never change parties, but I would also condemn (and refuse to vote for) any president, Democrat included, who behaved the way Trump behaves. He is a poor excuse for someone holding the highest office in our country.


Dan, when you wrote this statement you hit the nail on the head. "...couple that in with tons of excellent journalistic reporting, opinions, both editorial boards and citizens in print and over that airwaves, the assessments from renowned political officials — both present and past — and what picture emerges?" People are sick of the established politicians, past and present, lying to them (not that Trump is any better). People like you and your liberal friends only watch and read main stream media which has made a business out of tailoring their stories, by leaving out some of the information, to meet their liberal agenda. What I think you will find interesting in the next election is that he will win again because, although people don't like his rhetoric, they agree with his stance on immigration, the economy and entitlements. What you get from him is no different than the other politicians except he doesn't hide it as well as the career politicians. Watching the NBC news last night report on his feud with Congressman Cummings told a completely different story if you listened. They have made it a race issue which was never brought up. Trump just said that his district was a mess. Nothing about race. The story started by saying " Trump's feud with Mr. Cummings, the black congressman from Baltimore. Pathetic. A poorly performing president will win reelection because people are sick of the same old Washington politics.


SCoot24....well done. Very well done. The trump superloyalists and the anti trumpers you see here can not comprehend your comment. But many Americans do and that’s most important. Rham Emmanuel of all people had a great take on the lack of strategy in beating trump. Take a look at the letter he opined to the myriad of candidates for the democratic nomination. Sadly I don’t think they will take it into consideration


Scoot: Sorry, your analysis of my letter falls short in the reality and facts department - your view I understand, but not of what I wrote. Nice try, however. — Dan Francis


“Only watch” is where you are wrong. Baby Boomers get their news from TV. You can see how that has turned out. Fox Brags about being the number one network, are they “mainstream media”?


I like the writer don’t like people that believe what I do. Therefore I like the writer resort to name calling and paintings everyone that’s doesn’t believe everything I do names. Sad. Therefore by using this logic everyone who supports trump is a racist although the people that do this have no idea about “racism” or in many cases the people they call the name. This is a trump tactic and it has been taken on by his opponents. Sad.


Great letter, Lt Dan. Expresses my feelings about "that horrible person" perfectly. And welcome back, (Real) Holmes! I feared you had been lost in the recent -- um, retrenchment


Changed your nom de plume I see (LOL), No, I was not lost in space, cyber or otherwise (LOL) ... my letter was pending for about 2 weeks - no big deal. On a side note this method of posting and replying and rating posts is not as good as the old method. Also no editing option if needed. Not a good platform for a forum, in my view, but I understand why. Good to hear from you, BTW. — Dan Francis


Palaver: talk unproductively and at length.


This will probably be my last post at this site. I won't pay to gain information. Nowadays, more and more media outlets insist on fees to read their reporting... I won't because I read and research a lot and information over the airwaves here. That information should be free. Sorry if that offends anyone, but it does me.

Literally, a person could go broke paying for all the valuable on-line fees to gain knowledge from media reporting and to me, that is unfair. I guess I will have to look and read elsewhere. It's been nice nevertheless. — Dan Francis


I will continue to support our local paper. There's a lot I don't like about the changes, but I hardly ever like any changes. Where will we get local news when it is gone?


Three years on and we're still hearing the same palaver. Is there anything here we don't already know?


Wow I did not know that audience (defined by "Palaver") was my target audience? As Gomer Pyle would say: "Surprise, surprise, surprise." Just my observation. — Dan Francis


"Palaver" isn't THE audience, it's what the audience is reading in your letter. Just my observation...


Jackied: Please read the definition and usage of the word "Palaver" that you posted. I'll leave it at and I also leave this too re: your capital "THE" emphasis: "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off." ... I say Potato, you say Potahto; I say tomato, you say Tomahto!" (George and Ira Gershwin song line). Case closed. — Dan Francis


Three years into Obama’s presidency Republicans were beside themselves that Obama golfed.


Nailed it

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