I have great reservations as to what is happening in our country and attacks on the results of 2020 election and the proliferation of lies, particularly by the Republican Party. The election was certified as fair by our former attorney general, the FBI, Homeland Security and by the loss of at least 60 court cases, including two Supreme Court cases thrown out.

Now the Republican Party, led by the lies of former President Donald Trump, continues its misinformation campaign saying the election was stolen and whitewashes Trump’s role in inciting the most dangerous domestic attack on our country since the Civil War. Now U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is gaining power in her party because she is willing to push this lie and minimize Trump’s role in the insurrection.

Prior to her recent power grab, Elise had said (in 2015) that lies disqualify people and had been a bipartisan figure who supported transgender rights and opposed the border wall. Now she has surrendered her independence in fealty to one man, Donald Trump. As a result, she has gained power by enabling his lies.

Even worse, she is supporting a recall of the 2020 election in Arizona, which is extraordinary as the recount will not change the results of the election but it strokes the ego of a hurt man. Most significantly, this recount is being conducted by a highly partisan organization, the Cyber Ninja, who are neither independent nor is the recount transparent.

This organization promotes the election lie and bizarre conspiracy theories like votes were sent to Arizona from the Far East. Unbelieavable, but it satisfies the weak ego of Trump.

To have nonpartisan recounts months after an election is a serious attack on democracy and only works to undercut faith in our democratic system. There are already death threats against the Arizona attorney general who has questioned it; lies foment violence.

What Stefanik and her party are doing is dangerous to the future of our democracy. When we sacrifice truth for a power grab and to devotion to one man, democracy suffers. When we have partisan, nontransparent recounts, democracy suffers.

We need two parties and healthy, honest debate. Honesty should still matter. Remember, Elise, Donald Trump is not loyal to you; he is loyal only to pushing his lies. If you disagree, you will go the wayside like Mike Pence and will be thrown out.

William Kimball


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“During a House Oversight Committee hearing on the Jan. 6 riot, Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., said the House floor was not breached and that the supporters of former President Donald Trump who stormed the Capitol behaved “in an orderly fashion.”

“If you didn't know that TV footage was a video from January the sixth, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit,” Clyde said.

That was yesterday and that’s the sort of Orwellian revisionIsm of history that Cheney wouldn’t sign onto. It’s easy enough in today’s Republican Party to find someone who will.


The GOP are prisoners of Trump until they can admit that he lost. Instead of admitting it they’re moving even deeper into making it an article of faith. They’re moving from a political party to being either a cult or, if you want to be polite, a religion.

Charlie McGrath

Court cases were not lost. They were not heard. Trump encouraged mostly peaceful protesters to come to Washington and "protest peacefully". Democrats like Maxine Waters continue to really incite violence but the media gives her a pass. The election was marred by many irregularities but that's ok because the "right" person won. Biden told so many lies during his campaign but that's ok. He told them so many times he believed them even if no one else did. Is it a lie if nobody believes it?


7 million people want accountability. And that is not fake news

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