I don’t want as president a self-centered person who thinks of everybody else, including military veterans, as “suckers” and “losers” to be used and thrown away. I’m not voting for Donald Trump.

Brian Lee


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Kim Jong Il, known for his igniting anti aircraft rounds at his relatives who were tied to stakes, actually shed a tear for his fellow countrymen with covid. Our fearless leader wouldn't don a mask. I'm a republican voting for Biden.


Hoosier - Kudos, FINALLY, someone in the GOP who'll put in print an acknowledgement of POTUS's wing nut antics towards the presidency... shut Trump up...and he'd get swing voters, including me...as some of his policies have merit and good results... but they're lost in his 8th grade rhetoric... You must be related to John McCain... 😉


Our doctors get more money if someone dies from Covid. You know that, right? I mean our doctors are very smart people. So what they do is they say 'I'm sorry but everybody dies of Covid,' " Trump said, without citing any evidence, at a rally in Waterford Township, Michigan........ How does anyone sane defend that statement?

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