Stefanik willing to label Soleimani a terrorist

We all want a strong national defense, but what exactly does that look like? An easy way to measure would be the size of the defense budget. But there are other important things to consider.

Defense is not just about defending our land. Defense is also about maintaining alliances that help us be strong and secure in our overseas efforts. When the President impulsively upends longstanding US foreign policy, as he did with the Kurds in Syria, he weakens our national defense. The message to our allies: “You can’t trust us.”

Defense is also about defending our values. When the president repeatedly praises dictators from North Korea, China, Turkey and especially Russia, he undermines the values that our central to the founding of our nation. If we are not fighting to preserve freedom and democracy, what are we fighting for?

A strong defense is an intelligent defense. Smart decisions about where and how to use our forces are essential. Our military is supported by Intelligence and State Department activities. A President who rejects the findings of our Intelligence agencies about election interference by Russia and embraces conspiracy theories weakens our national defense. A State Department that is hollowed out and undermined for personal political gain weakens our national defense.

A strong defense also depends on upholding military institutions and discipline. When the President issues multiple war crime pardons contrary to the judgment of the Pentagon, as he did recently, he undermines the integrity of our military.

President Trump may push for more money for defense but at every turn his words and actions weaken the ability of our men and women in uniform to perform their duties safely and effectively. Our representative, Elise Stefanik, continues to stand by him as if she didn’t know any better. We need better representation than this.

Bill Doran


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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President Bonespurs relishes his role as Commander in Chief--a sort of supergeneral/admiral over our forces. Too bad he lacked the, uh, wherewithal to serve in the ranks of the military when the opportunity presented itself.


A podiatrist who rented from Trump's father provided Trump's phony "bone spurs" excuse to dodge the draft. Trump then played three sports on college after using a medical deferment to dodge the draft. Not long after it was Donald Trump himself that ordered salespeople to mark the rental applications of black Viet Nam veterans with a B, which resulted in the Trump business paying a $250,000 fine. Trump has also spit on every American POW when he slandered John McCain by saying soldiers who get captured aren't heroes. These are facts. Every Trump voter knows these facts are true. This is why decent people have lost so much respect for the people they know who support this stain on our country.


The people I know who support Trump are party line long...their father - grandfather all voted GOP...and it doesn't matter who the person is..... that's why he's blindly supported by some... even in the impeachment hearings... I'd give the GOP some credit-respect if they'd at least say..."yea, he probably did it - but that doesn't rise to the level of impeachment".. They need a McCain type leader... I always felt Lindsey Graham was he's lost my respect now... If the Dem's move too far left- run on tax increases...and the economy remains good.. we're in for another 4 years..

hermit thrush

unfortunately the only value republicans care about is dominance of their own political movement.


Trashing Trump isn't going to win in 2020... they(Dems) need an electable candidate...not far left wing nuts...

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