I had the pleasure of recently watching two NY-21 congressional campaign ads that aired on WWNY, one after the other, immediately after the 6 p.m. news. Actually, only one of the ads was a pleasure to watch and that was the first ad, the one presented by the Tedra Cobb campaign!

The ad opened with Ms. Cobb introducing herself, followed by a brief auto bio with just enough info to provide us with a pretty clear idea of what she was about, what issues were important to her, and how she planned to work in Congress to implement these issues. The entire ad was both civil and to the point; a message of hope, promise, and unity!

The next ad, that followed so quickly that it almost overlapped, was quite the opposite. It was presented by the Stefanik campaign and began with the same old Taxin’ Tedra slanderous name-calling that has been proven time and time again to be false, misleading and simply malicious. (There was no name calling in the Cobb ad!)

I guess the Stefanik campaign gang thinks that we north country inhabitants, if told the same lie over and over for three years, will buy into it eventually and vote for Elise. Well some of us may, but many of us have had enough of this mean-spirited, divisive and inaccurate rhetoric. Our nation needs to be reunited; the threatening chasm that is dividing us needs to be either filled or bridged; this hate filled name-calling must stop, and that’s why I’m voting for Cobb!

Jerry Senecal


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Yup, stefanik is the face of the gop - disgraceful.


[thumbup] It’s Trump’s Own Party now. The TOP.


Enough of the Republicans’ childishness. Vote for mature adults: Biden/Harris/Cobb.


Vote Trump/ Pence/Stefanik!


Absolutely! Voting for decency and honesty!

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