I want to express my unmitigated disgust at the nurses at Lewis County General Hospital who have chosen to resign from their jobs rather than be vaccinated against COVID-19. I personally have had enough of these kinds of people who are willing to put others’ lives in the way of harm when, in fact, their professional code of conduct as nurses is to do no harm.

Please, let them be gone. We don’t need them in the profession. I am sick of their selfishness and that of the anti-vaxxers.

I am a nurse, and I have been vaccinated. I am retired and I have worked in different venues in my nursing career. Never, ever would I have thought to put others’ lives or well-being in harm’s way.

Old people, young people, babies, pregnant women. Doesn’t matter to them, does it? They would rather cling to their conspiracy theories from Facebook, their talking points from the so-called Republican Party now devolved into an insurrectionist movement, from the social media silos they frequent — or (let’s put it out there as a possibility) their far right, evangelical, Trump-loving, anti-democracy church pastors who are more than happy to spread disinformation about COVID-19 from their pulpits.

These nurses are obviously easily led. Though their degrees to practice are based in science, they are obviously science deniers.

Their position on the vaccine is totally antithetical to a responsible practicing health professional and to the safety of the communities in which they live. They should know better.

Betty Head


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Should the healthcare systems nor accept any patients who are unvaccinated?

Pat Luppens

These nurses and others are victims of the the unfettered right wing news media. These Fox News provocateurs are poisoning the minds of people and causing serious damage to the country. If they are not stopped we will no longer have a "United" States.

Terry de a Vega

Well said, Betty. I too am a mostly retired Nurse Practitioner and I cannot believe the willful ignorance happening in my profession. Thank you for speaking up.


Nailed it Betty... a recent article from a nurse explaining her position for non-vaxxing supports your comments... as well... hat said, zero chance I'd have her or other non-vaxxers care for my parents... having had Covid twice suggests her preventative measures lack attention...how many has she infected... she needs to reconsider her career..

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