Congress must enforce Enoluments Clause

Republicans, Democrats, Independents, black-, white-, yellow-, brown-skinned Americans must all stop and assess just what is happening to our nation due to the inability of our political parties to work together. It is time we started putting aside the asinine antics surrounding us like a bad nightmare, antics that are destroying our respect where the rest of the world is concerned.

I’ve never seen such a total disregard for law enforcement, nor have I ever seen law enforcement’s disregard for citizens’ rights. Of concern to me is the manner in which our government is being run with a total disregard for our Constitution. Our children are not safe at school; Catholics, Jews and Muslims are not safe in their houses of worship; shoppers are not safe in shopping malls; and drivers are victims of road rage if they even look sideways at the car next to them. What has happened to the concepts of right and wrong? Where has respect for our fellow man gone? This entire circus has taken on the distressing aroma of anarchy!

How many of you reading this believe in your hearts that our nation is still held in high regard throughout the world? And for you veterans out there who have frozen your fingers and toes at Chosin Reservoir or smelled the stink of the Vietnam jungle, do you feel that our little North Korean friend wants to play “paddy cake” in the sandbox with you know who? Where has common sense gone? Watching the evening news has become painful, to say the least; all I see is politicians telling us what’s wrong in the world but none have yet clarified to me how to fix things. The man in charge defames the names of men like Capt. McCain and generals who have proven themselves under fire as they abandon ship and continue leaving cabinet positions faster than the road runner can run a country mile.

Come on, America. Let us stop looking at change through our pocketbooks; let us bring back morality, respect and honor. Never again should we separate children from their parents. Let us solve our nation’s problems the way we would wish them solved should the shoe be on the other foot.

Frank P. Dorchak Jr.


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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hermit thrush

to airball55: look, you are the one who brought up this "held in high regard" business. i am sorry if i messed with your mojo by talking about actually measuring the thing in question. there is simply no other way to rigorously measure the regard in which we are held throughout the world besides polling. sorry.

furthermore, we are actually a lot less popular now. and our economy isn't doing any better than it was under obama. job growth under trump has been 15% less than at the end of obama's term. there's no improvement in the gdp growth numbers. our budget deficit has exploded. what's happened is that we have basically the same economy but with a lot less popularity. what a tradeoff.

Holmes -- the real one

A good place to start is to forego bothsiderism.

Let's not beat around the bush here -- call it like it is.

Stand up for what is right and impeach.

Then vote the rest of them out of office.


Solid article. I do disagree with the statement that we aren't held in high regard. Especially when everyone has their hands out, or, wants to attend our universities and so on. The writer is on with his "both siderism." Not bad..

hermit thrush

polling shows that our standing in the world has taken a big drop since trump became president. and there has also been a drop in foreign students seeking to attend our universities.

Airball55 I will tell you what then, because, you simply have hate for a person regardless of outcomes...if we are a little less popular but our economy is thriving, jobs increases, wages rising...I will take that tradeoff. Time for others to do their share.

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