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The uncomfortable truth about our U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is that it is a very slow moving and often inept branch of the U.S. military.

Garrett Meredith was unfortunately not the exception with the VA’s inability to do its duty to our troops; he was part of the norm. I applaud his wife for the courage and strength it took to tell his story.

Invisible wounds on June 6 touched me deeply and hit too close to home. I didn’t realize that my son was not the only one the VA dropped during the novel coronavirus pandemic; he was one of many.

My son is a 10-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps’s 1st Reconnaissance Battalion. Like so many, he fought for his country and now fights the bureaucracy of the Veterans Affairs department.

When the coronavirus pandemic arrived, it was another reason to slow the process down. But we never thought that it would just stop all together.

Appointments were canceled and calls unanswered or just not returned. In the isolation of the pandemic year and a half, the need for help became even more dire. My son said, “Some were unable to wait.”

My heart goes out to all who were hurt by the inaction, but now it is time to get moving.

I challenge all these politicians who stood behind the flag and our troops for all those photo-ops and seemingly hollow professions of “Back the Troops” and likewise “Back the Blue.” I’m tired of the talk and little follow-up.

So come on Elise Stefanik, come on Chuck Schumer and the rest. It’s time to show us what you claim to be made of.

Sally M. Seymour


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Charlie McGrath

I spend more than seven years in the Air Force. Veterans are a liability to the government. They are treated as such. If it weren't for them we would be speaking another language like German or Japanese. But that's when they were active duty. Now that they have become regular citizens they are no longer a resource and have become an economic burden. Some even say they are dangerous to the administration. I guess because they are patriots. What is the incentive to treat veterans like the special citizens they are? The bureaucracy has become its' purpose.

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