We, the undersigned armed services veterans from a variety of backgrounds and political persuasions, come together to express our grave concern to our fellow residents of the 21st Congressional District.

This election is at its core not about liberal vs. conservative. It should not be considered a Republican vs. Democrat issue.

It is in fact about the need to remove total incompetence from power, total incompetence made even more dangerous by a supreme fixation on himself. Our country cannot survive another four years of division purposely driven by the lies, fear and hatred offered by President Donald Trump.

Our country needs to begin what will be a lengthy process of reunifying after four years of divide and conquer strategies. Donald Trump cannot and will not follow this path because the source of his power is in fact the deep polarization he has created.

We need a unifying force, and Joe Biden and Tedra Cobb offer the only opportunity to get our nation back on track. Please join us in our vote for them.

Bill Arps (Army veteran)

Star Lake

Herb Bullock (Army veteran)


John Casserly (Marine veteran)


Nellie Coakley (Army veteran)


Tom Coakley (Army veteran)


Mike Derrick (Army veteran)


Jackson Francisco (Navy Seabees veteran)


Phil Jackson (Navy veteran)


Rob Jewett (Army veteran)


John Lancaster (Marine veteran)


Pat Luppens (Navy ETCS veteran)


Forrest Studebaker (Navy veteran)


Michelle Tolosky (Air Force veteran)


Newman Tryon (Air Force veteran)


Roland Van Deusen (Navy veteran)


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Charlie McGrath

Great letter. Biden will reduce wasteful spending on the military and VA just like he and Obama did before. That money can be used to pay for universal healthcare and climate change instead of wasting it on veterans who we don't need any more. Vote against Trump.

hermit thrush

trump has routinely bragged about beefing up military spending, so please tell us who's been wasteful!

Charlie McGrath

Beefing up military spending is no longer needed. If we are nice to our adversaries then they will like us and be nice to us. We could defund the military and spend that money on social programs and climate change reduction.


If we are nice to our adversaries then they will like us and be nice to us.

Yes, this absolutely works. This is from a Kim letter to Trump.

Even now I cannot forget that moment of history when I firmly held Your Excellency's hand at that beautiful and sacred location as the whole world watched with great interest and hope to relive the honor of that day. As I mentioned at that time, I feel very honored to have established an excellent relationship with a person such as Your Excellency.

I’m sure the murderous little thug is totally sincere. It’s a bit nauseating tho.


Biden will reduce wasteful spending on the military and VA just like he and Obama did before.

They’re going to have more money because Biden is going to reduce spending at Trump-owned properties. Just the reduction on spending at golf courses alone...


Straw men are so vulnerable. "Democrats believe our military is—and must be—the most effective fighting force in the world. To keep it that way, we need to bring our forever wars to a responsible end, rationalize our defense budget, invest in the forces and technologies of the future, repair civil-military relations, and strengthen our covenant with service members, veterans, and military families." Is it a good strategy to pretend we are at war when we are not? Is it always guns over butter? Sure, we can always find somebody to set up as the excuse to keep an industry hogging all the resources, but wisely patriotic leaders do more than beat the drum for his or her own special interests; no, wise leaders take into account the needs of the whole.


Rd, you are way off the mark here. We have to be ready for war when we are at peace or we will soon be at war. You must have grown up in Soho or Canton. The enemy is always after us and we often don't have long buildup time. I flew jets for 26 years. My service, the USAF, was big, strong, and focused on destroying the Soviets in the 80s with Reagan's leadership. During Bush 1, we shrank and started to lose focus. During the Clinton years we were concentrating on women in combat and gays in the military. Funding was chopped. During Bush 2, funding increased somewhat, but focus was on a low tech ground war. During Obama, everything was so old we had to cannibalize aircraft constantly to keep the fleet going. Obama cut everything he could and was a horrible leader. Trump has rejuvenated the military in all branches. Whether they vocalize it yet or not, China respects one thing: power. Power comes from resolve and current democrats have resolve only to destroy America, not protect it.


China knows the value of soft power as well as military power. We’ve Trump has alienated every ally the US has in the world. Good job of cozying up to dictators because they say a few words of praise about His Excellency, tho. For a life long conman he’s an awfully easy mark.


Thank you very much for standing up for the "the need to remove total incompetence from power"

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