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Letter to the Editor

Please vote for Eric Virkler on Primary Day this Tuesday.

I have worked with Eric for more than 10 years on many projects and have always found his enthusiasm and ability to get things done admirable.

Eric has held many positions during this time:

Lewis County director of economic development, executive director of the Lewis County Industrial Agency and the executive director of the Lewis County Development Corp., which is more commonly known as the LCDC.

This is the entity that has been behind the demolition and redevelopment of the Lyons Falls Paper mill site.

This project has been a very complex and lengthy process and is now finally nearing completion.

Eric has been intimately involved in this effort and is the person who has made the project happen.

Without his dedication, knowledge of grant applications and the necessary financial processes that go with them, this project never would have happened.

Throughout the project, there were many setbacks.

But Eric is the person who had the determination to stay with it and get it done.

I have seen this same level of conviction on every effort Eric has been involved with, no matter what hat he is wearing at the time.

I strongly believe he is the person we need to elect for the next Lewis County treasurer.

He has the qualifications for the job, having been a CPA, the chief financial officer for the Lewis County General Hospital.

He understands payroll, financial bonding the state retirement system, financial markets and the other intricacies involved in the role of Lewis County treasurer.

I cannot say enough about the integrity of this man.

But I can assure you with Eric as treasurer, this county will move forward into the future with a conservative, stable financial platform.

You can also be sure that a vote for Eric Virkler will save the county money.

Larry Dolhof

Lyons Falls

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