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It was mind boggling to see how much money U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik and her likely opponent raised for their respective campaigns. I was almost surprised to see how heated the 21st Congressional District race has already become with such a long time to go until Election Day.

However, I realized that far left forces from across the district, across the state and across the country are attempting to unseat our congresswoman. Elise is a symbol of the Republican Party on a national level. The Congresswoman supports our president and is a target because of that. Elise is one of the few conservative voices in New York, a state that continues to move further left and embrace harmful socialist policies.

Elise had risen to national prominence when she served as the recruitment chair for the National Republican Congressional Committee last cycle, and now she has her own Elevate PAC to encourage more Republican women to run. Elise is a symbol of everything the Democratic Party is opposed to: Elise is a reformer, and a strong voice for the north country and the Republican Party.

For all of her accomplishments, the congresswoman now faces the combined might and resources of the radical left from Plattsburgh to Pasadena and from Watertown to Fort Worth. The 21st Congressional District race is not your typical House race: It is a referendum on President Donald Trump, on results vs. resistance, on moderate Republican policies vs. far-left socialist policies.

This upcoming election now more than ever needs to see members of the Republican Party, supporters of law and order, and opponents of dangerous policies unite behind Elise Stefanik and all Republicans to oppose the nationwide attempt to unseat our congresswoman and everything that she and the Republican Party stands for.

Hunter Sartwell


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Farmer Liz

"It is a referendum on President Donald Trump..." Absolutely. If Stefanik supports this racist, misogynist buffoon, it speaks to her own state of mind. Like almost every other Republican, she hasn't got the moral fiber to stand up to his hateful rhetoric. Lie down with dogs, and you get fleas.


F Liz: 100% spot on. Sadly, raw partisan politics is the name of the game these days more than ever in my view. But that aside and work for the people. Reelection would show that her base like Trump's is wildly off the mark. That is very troublesome. Protect the GOP brand (or DEM to be fair) and at all costs? Wow at what cost I seriously wonder the impact? — Dan Francis [thumbup]

Holmes -- the real one

Amen to that.


What is more Socialist than Trump giving billions in tax dollars to Farmers to make up for Trump's disastrous economic policies? Paying farmers from the government coffers is straight-up what you see in communist countries. Add that to the complete lack of spending discipline, and the sexual escapades of Trump and you realize that Republicans promote socialist policies when it suits them, Republicans are not budget hawks in any measurable way, and Republicans have no morals when it comes to decent human behavior.


Mr. Sartwell has purchased a truckload of Republican garb—er, ideology. He might start by learning what socialism is, and is not. At present he doesn’t have a clue.


Just because Republicans say they are "small government" but then oppose marijuana legalization and abortion rights is no reason to call them hypocrites. There are many other much better reasons to call them hypocrites, like the budget deficit.

Holmes -- the real one

Right on.


Thanks to Trump, Government spending is higher than Obama-era levels. Trump and Republicans will approve the biggest deficits in American history. SAYING REPUBLICANS ARE BUDGET HAWKS IS A LIE. Of course these same people called themselves "The Family Values Party" before electing Jeffrey Epstein's best friend to be president. The idea that Republicans have any shred of morals is a lie as well. Dennis Hastert was a pedophile, and only a fool will be surprised to learn what Trump and Jeffrey Epstein used to do together. "Moral Majority" indeed. Remember when Republicans used to say "Character counts"? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA


Don't vote against your own interests people. Don't be deceived. Vote for someone who cares about YOU! Vote Tedra Cobb


Only Elise Stefanik can save women from human traffickers (by "human traffickers" I mean Trump's friends like Robert Kraft and Jeffrey Epstein)


Yes vote for your interests. Whoever that may be and not simply by blind party allegiance. But vote.


Vote for the socialist policies of Donald Trump! Although we have to make sure that farmers are not buying lobster with their Trump welfare checks.


Pretty good day for Elise yesterday. Big money secured for the airport here and then the big chair for the Mueller circus. Well done...

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