Being a first-term member of the Jefferson County Board of Legislators, there’s certainly a lot to learn about this job. Capital projects, balancing budgets, you name it.

I’m very lucky to be surrounded by so many talented public servants to help me learn. I’m just as lucky to know there’s another public servant who is only a phone call away when I have a question.

I’ve been fortunate enough to know Mark Walczyk for a number of years. I’ve seen him serve as a member of the Watertown City Council and now as our representative in the New York State Assembly. Most importantly, he’s served his community and right now, he’s serving his country in the fight against the novel coronavirius.

While he may not know it, he’s inspired me to answer the call and be a representative in local government. Day in and day out, Mark shows a sense of tact, dedication and a genuine love for the north country. This is a welcome change to our state government.

As a newcomer to politics, I’m inspired by his passion for bettering the region (and I love that he calls his district the Front Yard of America!). He sets an example of always wanting to go the extra mile and give back and leave our home better off for the next generation.

I’m proud to call Mark a mentor and colleague, but, more importantly, a friend. I certainly hope that on Election Day this year, you’ll join me in voting for Mark Walczyk for state Assembly.

Corey Grant


The writer represents District 14 on the Jefferson County Board of Legislators.

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It's unfortunate that your mentor has become so divisive and partisan. I hope those aren't qualities you aspire to. Going forward we need more politicians looking for a way to represent all of their constituents. Common ground and shared values ought to be at the forefront of representation. Focusing on the divisive issues that feed their base will just create more and more polarization.

Holmes -- the real one


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