Margaret and I recently had the privilege of participating in a conversation with Mark Walczyk and a few concerned residents.

It was an opportunity to get to know Mr. Walczyk and to “pick his brain” about state government and how America’s Front Yard is faring in the overall state scene.

Mr. Walczyk is friendly and articulate; his knowledge of the workings of our state’s government is encyclopedic.

But what struck us most was that his main interest in being an assemblyman is not to pursue a polarizing party agenda but to work within our government system for the best outcome for the state as a whole and for our district as a component part of the state.

We wholeheartedly support Mark Walczyk for re-election to the state Assembly.

His continued work in the Assembly will be a true asset to our state and to this region.

Dr. Robert Nordberg


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It's unfair that Walczyk can't get things done in Albany. The majority party rules.

In the News7 debate, when Hammond noted Walczyk's lackluster record in Albany, Walczyk pointed to his efforts to build bipartisan relationships. Admirable and wise, but devoid of legislative results. If voters return Walczyk to Albany, they can expect to spend his tenure energized by a conviction-- it's unfair that the Democrats rule in Albany, so, on principle, we didn't send another one there. However, a tenure is a long time to cling to a conviction and go without results.

If voters send Hammond to Albany, he can get things done, get results. What came to light in the News7 debate is how Walczyk and Hammond share mutual positions on many matters. On many levels, they "read" the River district's needs similarly. Therefore, not only will Hammond get things done in Albany, it's likely that much of what he gets done will appeal to constituents across the political spectrum.

The question is what Hammond can get done about minority unfairness in Albany? River district constituents have to relentlessly insist that he pursue the matter. He has to wholeheartedly agree to pursue it. He has to genuinely detest minority unfairness. As a Democrat, he stands a far better chance to "reach" his Democratic colleagues who regularly don ear plugs when their Republican colleagues speak.

It's all wrong and unfair, but it's the truth and reality of the appalling situation in Albany. Voters have to think about how they can turn it into the best situation for the River district, and stand a chance at undoing minority unfairness in Albany.

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