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Cities across the United States such as Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Louis and New York City have been looted, vandalized and burned by the radical left. Police officers and civilians have been injured and murdered.

Churches and statues of Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, the Virgin Mary and George Washington are being destroyed by the cancel culture leftists because they hate America. This sounds more like a sci-fi movie called “Anarchy in the Streets,” but it’s now life in America.

Democrats push for “defunding” and “reimagining” policing. We see the effects of “reimagine policing” in our streets right now. The New York Police Department’s highest ranking uniformed officer and others were just viciously assaulted in Brooklyn. Thanks to bail reform passed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Democrat-controlled state government, many people arrested during protests have been released without bail.

If you are a never-Trumper, you must decide if your dislike for him is worth sacrificing your freedoms and the rule of law. This is a crossroads election.

President Donald Trump and U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik will always put America first. A Joe Biden administration, controlled by the left, will lead to more lawlessness and cancel culture. If Trump and Republicans are not elected, “Anarchy in the Streets: The Sequel” will soon be playing in a theater near you.

Craig Boyer


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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A microscopic number of people turn out for each of these protests. They are armed with combustibles and sometimes even weapons. Their purpose is to cause mayhem, and to subvert whatever cause the great majority of those appearing represent. They do not care about Black Lives Matter; they care only to give the peaceful protesters the appearance of an angry mob. It takes very few of these people to succeed in their task.


Another scattershot letter that conveniently ignores of glosses over the facts, and is sent out to every newspaper in the State. A very poorly-aimed shotgun, loaded with bad ammunition.


Everybody should get out a pad and pen and write down the history changing social changes that were achieved by being silent.


Totally ridiculous. Trump the snake oil salesman hypes everything for his personal and political advantage. Would you take a course a Trump University?

He's gotten you all hot and bothered by creating yet another evil other nemesis for you to hate. Those evil rapist murdering Mexicans . . . . ., opps!!! That was last campaign. Let's find the Press Release. Right....Now he's got a new bugaboo--those accursed bomb throwing leftists who are allied with the crazy anti-American pinko Democrats. Does all this sound unhinged? It is. We have heard all this baloney before--if you're as old as I this was the law and order rhetoric fodder of Nixon and his friends (all convicted Republican criminals by the way) who tried to suppress the legitimate exercise of first amendment rights during the Vietnam War.

You're the type loves the second amendment and has no interest in protecting the first amendment. Fella, it's all part of the same Constitution.

Pick any of these cities: Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, whatever. 98% of the time it's peaceful protest happening. Yes, there are trouble makers who abuse their rights and should be prosecuted. But what we have seen thus far is NOTHING compared to the rioting in America's cities in the 60s.

Trump, Stefanik and Company love to paint all protestors as enemies of America to stifle dissent and dangle that new shiny object to attract their gullible supporters from the bad stuff that is really going because of their failed political leadership of this country.

And you buy right into it. My nephew (an emergency room Doctor in Seattle) says the city is fine, you can go and have your Starbucks anywhere anytime. Barr's and Trump's "Homeland Security" military police with their unmanned cars are there ostensibly to protect federal property, but as we have seen in their activities they seem to be acting as agent provocateurs to establish the new 2020 Trumpian campaign narrative: We need his authoritarian strong arms, so he argues, his "law and order" tactics, to save the nation from leftist ANTIFA anarchy.

Jim Jordan's unrepentant propaganda video, shown in there Barr hearing yesterday, promulgates this false propaganda narrative. Lots of heavily edited video snippets culled from news organizations (a typical FOX "news" gambit by the way) to show urban violence without any context. The goal: to convince the likes of you that we are under siege by the scary radical left. Be scared that's what Trump and Stefanik ae peddling. And they are betting, people like you will stampede into their camp and vote their far in the oncoming election. Scare tactics is the name of the game!

Anyone doing a little research would give Jim and Trump flunking grades on the Truth-o-meter. But truth doesn't matter for these folks--it's perception, especially false perception that is their trade, assuming their supporters believe what they say and show. It's ironic really--they assume they have people's trust to market their untrustworthiness. What a way to exercise responsible leadership! No wonder the country is in trouble!!!!

Sure!! Yes, there IS anarchy--it comes straight from the anarchical policies and activities of Trump himself and his hangers on enablers like Stefanik that have put our poor nation in peril. The sad thing is people like you go for it hook line and sinker.

Get on a plane, go to Seattle, and see for yourself the peaceful streets during the day.

To be sure: Condemn what violence occurs--perpetuated by a few demonstrators and the politics with the batons, gas, and rubber bullets. But don't be manipulated by Trump and company to vote because of you are afraid.





Melanie in WA

I was in Seattle a week ago. You would have had a time finding the evil protesters. I had no issues going to the places I needed to visit in the heart of the city and piers.

Thank you Satorimark and please thank your nephew as well.

She's back

First of All, Craig Boyer of Bayport NY is not from Stefanik's district. He lives in Nice neighborhood there on Long Island-- pretty detached from ANY urban strife. He must be one of Stefanik's rich donors. His over the top rhetoric is full of the Dog whistle words the Trumpian crew have leaned to mindless spout ... ( "anarchist, radical left.. somehow he left "antifa" out ).

His rambling letters which can also be found on Newsday (a long island paper, where he posted yesterday as well as right wing rags such as The Washington Times and The Hill.

His writings are also devoid of any actual FACTS .

I am quite sure that who ever took down the statue of Frederick Douglas are not the leftist... And By the way Columbus did NOT discover America and was a mean rotten slave trader . FACT.

There should not be ANY statues in praise of him.

FACT: Portland's protests have indeed been largely peaceful, and were petering out UNTIL the Federal agents showed up and inflamed tensions.

American Democracy has survived many a protest , from the Boston tea party , the suffrage movement, the still unfinished Civil Rights protests of the 60's. In Fact one could easily make a case that Protests have made America what it is today.

Troops on our streets on the other hand have the potential to make America into a Russia or China or any Military Dictatorship.

American Democracy is indeed inn Peril but it is not due to recent protests.

Jerry Moore Staff
Jerry Moore

She's back:

Thank you for identifying where Bayport is on the state map. I mistakenly believed it was in Northern New York. My apologies for the error.

Jerry Moore

Editorial page editor

Watertown Daily Times


She's back

yah he appears to own one of the smaller houses-- but given the zip code it is still worth (zillow) 500K. He may have a property near saranac lake


Thank you for the great info.

I believe I saw that Generalissimo Trump is declaring victory and bringing the troops home. It was apparently a glorious victory over Portlandia.


Nice letter


Last time I checked, people from Long Island have access to the first amendment, too. You dont have to live in NY-21 to write to the WDT. His neighborhood may be detached from urban strife but isn't yours, She's back?


[thumbup] Thanks for providing that important context on this letter and its author.

Charlie McGrath

FACT? protests have been largely peaceful? were petering out until feds stepped in? You have no evidence of such because all evidence points to just the opposite. Your evidence comes from where?

Charlie McGrath

What anarchy? These are mostly peaceful protests except for the killings, lootings, property destruction, arson and attacks on police. I don't see a problem. According to Jerry Nadler these are myth and are caused by the President for political purposes. Any federal response should halt and allow the cities to burn as that is what the people in those cities want. "Elections have consequences." Barak Obama. Just keep electing Democrats.


Hey Charlie why don't you feast your eyes on this:



She's back

Well gee, Charlie let's see wast the people actually living in the cities you speak of really see and feel about the situation.


>>"Businesses are speaking out too. Colby Cox with Compound said he'll show support as long as protests last.

“Honestly as long as it needs to go on," he said.

A few people said they support the peaceful protests, but not all demonstrations taking place.

"There’s sometimes stuff afterwards that follow the looting and stuff afterwards that I don’t really support but the peaceful protests that go on around the justice center and stuff don’t really impact us at all and I’m all for that for sure," said Reece Burnett with Produce Portland."

KATU also heard from multiple people voicing frustration about a federal presence in downtown Portland, saying they wish recent events could be handled by local authorities."<<


Put your money where your mouth is, Shes back. Let's see you invest in a startup business in downtown Portland where everything is covered with grafitti and you get to hear nightly "mostly peaceful protests" complete with drums, shouting, bonfire, fireworks, and lasers. I hear from a Portland resident I know that it will be a generation before people return to some of these areas. Think about it.


Except that there already is “Anarchy in the Streets” and Trump is president and he is feeding the anarchy. I love how Always Trumpers can absolve him of blame for anything that happens on his watch. Maybe it’s a side-effect of the hydroxychloroquine he feeds them.

hermit thrush



That's it exactly, Craig. Thanks for the letter. It's a shame that so many Americans need to be reminded that anarchy is bad. Well-written and succinct.


Ya and it's being perpetuated by the right wing apparently.


It's called a provocateur or agent provocateur. A variant is the false flag attack, such as the burning of the Reichstag. Things are more complex than they appear. And in this case doubly so. There really are self proclaimed anarchists who are triple agents. But there's no need to trace the complexity, just cut the knot. Think of what effect the person's is behavior likely to have, not what they say they believe. Activists need to stop being stupid and use their minds instead of their emotions. The rest of us need to understand that activists mostly have their hearts in the right place but can sometimes be gullible, unable to distinguish friend and foe.


Maybe Trump should’ve seen federal agents to Michigan when his supporters were storming the Capitol toting their assault toys and their confederate flags and swastika flags. What exactly is the connection between Trumpism and the traitors of the confederacy and fascist Germany anyway?


Pitbull your comment above is HIGHLY suspect of your claim about knowing someone from Portland, Perhaps you can find a source that is contrary to what the Portland businesses are saying. Facts matter.

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