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I find it necessary to write about the gun control issue.

I was given my first 22 rifle when I was 11 years old. I was raised in an outdoorsman’s family right here in upstate New York, fishing and hunting all the time I was growing up. Young people have to be taught the proper handling and use of dangerous tools including firearms.

The first thing I shot with my first gun was a robin. My father told me that you need to have a legitimate reason to kill anything.

If you can’t sell it or eat it, then it is immoral to kill. He made it clear that killing was not for fun. I ate the robin and never shot another one in my life.

There has to be instruction on handling anything dangerous. The normal family with both parents only makes up 17 percent of our national population today.

This is one of the major indicators of why our society is crumbling. No matter how much we spend on law enforcement, things are going to get worse.

Now let’s switch to the topic of military weaponry. I can agree that those types of weapons should not be sold in our society.

On the same point, if those weapons are no good for society, then they are no good for anyone else’s society either. If they are not sold here, then they should not be sold anywhere in the world.

We as a nation cannot disarm our own citizenry while at the same time arm foreign countries with weapons we can’t have. The situation is just as unacceptable and wrong as the former one is.

In closing, as Americans we have to realize that for the last 80 years as a nation we have produced and distributed more weapons of war than any other nation on Earth. Do you realize how many innocent people and babies have been killed by our war production around the world? Half of the mass shootings and bombings in our own country are perpetrated by current or former members of the U.S. military, trained by our own government to kill.

Maybe some of that bad karma is coming home to roost! We had better step back and take a good look at ourselves about why our society is crumbling.

Edward Barlow


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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The US has sold a lot of arms and munitions, but mostly it's huge orders to the military forces of big stable nations. So that puts the statistics up, depending on how you count them (by dollar amount?). But anecdotally it's the humble AK-47 and such Russian and Chinese products that are doing most of the killing in the world's brush wars. We should definitely chill our relationship with Saudi Arabia, which is doing the kind of stuff we would fight against if it was Serbia. The US does not need Saudi oil or Saudis keeping down the price of oil. Let oil get expensive.


I like a lot of what was written here. I think it's a bit dramatic at the end to say society is crumbling lol. I guess that depends upon whose side of the aisle a person belongs but the rest of it was enjoyable to read. War is BIG business man...let's hope that changes.

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You used to be so focused on people receiving disability and SNAP benefits. What happened?

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