Infrastructure bill will benefit entire nation

Like most Northern New Yorkers, I find myself forced with more than a few moments to pursue life’s interests and self-introspection. I hope that all have found some time for reading, research and points of interest.

For example, I recently reviewed Jefferson County’s election results during FDR’s administration and found myself stunned that Jefferson County never voted for FDR, not once in four elections, even in the height of the Great Depression and World War II. This was a pure demonstration of the extent of NNY’s historically staunch conservatism.

I try to read every day, find the opinion pages as a great source and gauge as to how my fellow NNYers think and behave.

The word “disconcerting” describes best the last few weeks. Some of the thoughts, opinions and expressions from all sides will not age well upon our civil discourse. We are better than this, NNY!

Yes, blame President Donald Trump. Lord knows it’s well deserved. But blaming all Trumpers seems as if the true victims of his lies and incompetence didn’t voluntarily exercise their fundamental rights as Americans to vote as they see fit. Yes, this administration could never accept the election results, they lost by more than 3 million votes, except for an old hold over from our Constitution when racial slavery counted African-Americans as three/fifths a person, a la the Electoral College. But the Trump administration still “rightfully” occupies the White House. Short of the Mueller Report findings, legitimately the “buck” stops there.

As states’ rights rears its ugly head again, seen historically with the Articles of Confederation, Missouri Compromise, Dred Scott Decision, the Confederate States of America, segregation, voter and civil rights suppression, denying workers rights, immigration restriction and many more “conservative” policies, by a very vocal minority, we just can’t find a better governmental system than federalism for the common defense and general welfare of all Americans.

We will overcome this retrograde states’ rights fiasco and COVID-19. We always do, and eventually Americans will find the grace of our democratic principles, based on freedom of thoughts and responsible actions.

The strength of our democracy can take a mistake like Trump from time to time, but blaming all his supporters/voters will only ensure another four years of his total ineptitude, blatant corruption and borderline treason as his supporters/voters dig in. Eventually, everyone finds it difficult to admit when they’re just dead wrong.

Doug Berry

Adams Center

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Awesome article.... great points that we all need to remember.

It will be interesting to see what the new "normal" looks like. We really won't know the total impact and details of COVID-19 probably until 5 years out when studies that have all the data are finally written. People are entitled to differing points of view. Let's not attack or demonize each other. That seems to be the new "normal" which frankly is more disturbing than the COVID-19 virus.

Charlie McGrath

Doug, this administration has accepted the results. If I'm not mistaken it is the Democrat party that has never accepted the result. Phony Russian collusion, impeachment, continuing investigations without basis, corrupt Obama intelligence agencies spying on campaigns etc. The game has never been based upon the majority of popular votes. It's like saying the team with the most shots on goal wins. We are a Republic not a Democracy based on mob rule. What will the Dems do when Trump wins again?

hermit thrush

"Doug, this administration has accepted the results."

i think mr. berry means that trump has never been able to accept that he did not win the will of the people (which, it always seems to be necessary to say, is different from winning according to the rules). to this day trump clings to the ridiculous, completely unfounded lie that millions of illegal votes were cast for clinton.

"If I'm not mistaken it is the Democrat party that has never accepted the result."

you are in fact mistaken. have any democrats said that trump doesn't get to be president? no they have not.

"Phony Russian collusion, impeachment, continuing investigations without basis, corrupt Obama intelligence agencies spying on campaigns etc."

a string of nonsense. trump committed serious misconduct in his dealings with russia before and after his election, even if mueller failed failed to find evidence rising to the standard of criminal conspiracy (never mind that trump threw sand in the gears by flagrantly obstructing justice). impeachment was a no-brainer and trump should have been convicted. everyone on the planet knows republicans would have removed a democrat for the same conduct, and democrats (out of far greater adherence to neutral principles) would have gone along with it. the "continuing investigations" are all well-founded, although the sick joke is that democrats have been far too reluctant to investigate trump. i mean, imagine someone from the benghazi party complaining about "continuing investigations without basis" -- the projection is endless with you people. there was no corrupt "spying" on campaigns under obama. the russia hoax is a hoax (

"We are a Republic not a Democracy based on mob rule."

we are simultaneously a republic and a democracy. none of this is slightly controversial except among people who refuse to genuine engage their brains.


There's what things are and what things are wished to be. They're different. Wanting things to be different than they are isn't the same as saying they are different than they are (denying reality). People who engage in lots of wishful thinking often don't understand this. We can understand that the electoral college is the current system and its victor is legitimate. That doesn't mean we can't want a popular vote system, or read the actual will of the people in the popular vote. To say, "we can't have a popular vote system because the current system is the electoral college system," is the epitome of conservative thinking. What is is justified by the fact that it is, and since it is justified it must remain what it is.

Holmes -- the real one

That's the way we've always done it.

Ir it was good enough for great great grandpaw it is good enough for me.


The people who cried about Obama’s birth certificate for eight years are upset because Democrats don’t love their Reality TV Celebrity. Drink your Hydroquinine Charlie! It’s like Ovaltine for people with an IQ if less than 100.

hermit thrush

oops, thanks for catching the typo!

also, in the third sentence i meant to write "his".

hermit thrush

trump is very bad, but this letter is incoherent. trump was reelected and has remained in power because his supporters continue to support him. is supporters most definitely shoulder some of the blame. if they are of such low integrity that they can't admit they made a mistake, then that is also on them.

Holmes -- the real one



hermit, the letter is just a regurgitation of the same tired Trumpian nonsense refrain. You'll never budge these folks from their position, not even when Trump makes an idiot despot of himself each day during the task force briefings.


Sorry, I meant the initial comment to the letter, not the letter itself.

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