Time to pull covers from Kennedy deaths

An old question: Are you better off or worse off than you were a year or two ago? Economically? Socially? Politically? Medically? Academically? Spiritually? Intellectually? What, or who motivates you and inspires you?

Have you given recent thought to the above? Why or why not? Does the political situation in the United States interest you, depress you or move you in any way?

What dreams, hopes and aspirations do you have for yourself, your family, your community, your state and/or America? What are your core values?

That is, do you have an ethical, moral and spiritual compass to guide you in your journey through life? Are you wondering how the above questions all tie together?

To understand this last question and understand its relativity to the previous questions, may I direct your attention to “Victory News” and “Flash Point.” You will find them on YouTube and Facebook via GoVictory/com/Victory News, and GoVictory.com/Flash Point.

Fred Stock


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do you have an ethical, moral and spiritual compass to guide you in your journey through life?

I got my booster yesterday. A year ago, I’d had no vaccinations and the worst president in history was still in office crying about being cheated and, we now know, plotting his own steal of an election. So, way better now.

I’m a practicing Methodist and Stoic. I don’t go on Facebook for any reason. Certainly not for whatever is being pushed in this letter.

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