Trump has not made America great again

Republicans should be outraged at the way children are being treated on our southern border. Every Republican senator and representative, including U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, should be bombarding President Donald Trump and his administration to end such cruel and inhumane practices toward migrant children.

Not only are our Republican representatives to be held accountable but each of us are responsible for allowing our government to carry out these practices. What are we doing to stop such deplorable practices? Our silence is telling. It shows our indifference to humanity. If our children are safe and cared for, we don’t really care about anyone else, certainly, not some poor child who’s not white and not part of our community.

It’s very easy for Trump to twist facts as many Americans don’t know asylum procedures. Trump uses our lack of specific knowledge to misinform us with false generalizations. With misinformation — such as many of the immigrants are criminals, drug dealers, crossing illegally — Trump justifies inhumane conditions. We accept this because it gives us a way out of any responsibility. It’s a lot easier to simply believe these people are seeking a free ticket to the United States.

Fox News is consistently blaming someone — anyone other than Trump — for this horrendous situation. No way should blame be placed on anyone but Trump and his administration. Trump refuses to add judges to hear asylum cases, to add case workers and social workers, and to reopen ports of entry that he closed. These manipulations make it difficult for immigrants to be expeditiously processed. Trump willfully wants the asylum process torturous so immigrants won’t seek asylum. Children suffering is part of his plan.

Republicans held the majority in Congress for two years. They promised to formulate a new immigration policy. They did nothing. By not overriding Trump’s national emergency for a border wall, congressional appropriations for border security and humanitarian purposes became confiscated, resulting in inhumane treatment of children and families.

We can disagree about many issues, but we should all agree that no child should be physically and mentally abused.

Our individual and collective morality is being tested, and so far we have shown ourselves to be indifferent. If we aren’t, then call, email, tweet, write to our president, to Stefanik, to the Republican Senate. Take action to change these abhorrent policies. Our moral conscience and human decency demand it.

Cynthia Graham


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Accusing our governmental administrators of child abuse on our southern borders while trying to deal with caravans of people is UNAMERICAN in the first degree. No American working for Homeland Security, ICE or Border Patrol would do such a thing. Another instance of bashing the Trump administration for political gain. Stop it we are not that kind of people.


Not true. 100% not true. Funny thing about laws and enforcement...


That laws are not enforced if law enforcement kills somebody? Like the State POlice guy who ran the red light in Plattsburgh killing a family, or the Border Patrol guy who threw his wife out of the car. Funny WHEN Republicans think they are the Law and order party.


Who is republican commenting here? I have read your posts. You can detail uber shouldn’t be speaking for others. And last I checked...I have friends in both parties and neither claims to be the law and order party. But as mr. Hermit so kindly reminded us below...denial is an interesting concept of the modern day one sided keyboard warrior. My brother in law is on the border in Texas. He would kindly yet sternly disagree with much of what is written. Ms ocasio also learned the wrong way

hermit thrush

denial is not just a river in egypt.

hermit thrush

good letter.

Skye Opel

On July 12th , there will be vigils all over the country to end this horrific practice. There is one in Watertown at the public square, also Potsdam and Wanakena. This letter says it all. It is time to stand up. History will remember this. You won't be able to say "I just didn't know".


What a crock! I am not condoning trump or anyone but this has been a problem long before mr trump. We can certainly quote sanders, Obama, Bush, Clinton and on and on in regards to this issue. The government could act. They always choose to politicize. This isn’t just on trump. To think so is based in fact. Give me a break...

hermit thrush

no, this is on trump. things have gotten much much worse under his watch, as a direct result of changes he's made.


You are repeating Trump lies. Trump promised this.


Don't you know that we are a country of laws and either you change them or in force them.


Question is: What is the solution

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