New gun laws will not affect mass shootings

This party recently printed a report on how Freedom House, a nonpartisan research group, reported that faith in U.S. democracy declined markedly in 2020, fueled by President Donald Trump’s efforts to undermine the election. His lies and disinformation, fueled by other Republicans including U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, plus his futile efforts with the novel coronavirus and racial injustice further exacerbated this decline.

Now in 2021, Republicans are making this situation significantly worse by pushing numerous bills to suppress voting rights across the country. Often, these challenges on the right to vote are swayed by the biggest lie in U.S. political history, that the 2020 election was stolen by President Joe Biden. These voting suppression efforts including reducing voting hours, polling places, drop box reductions, ending Sunday voting, restricting vote by mail, etc.

In most cases, these suppression efforts are aimed to reduce minority voting, as clearly Republicans have not done well with these groups. These voting restrictions are the most significant attacks on our voting rights since the Jim Crow era, which was prior efforts to discriminate against minority voters.

These efforts are most significant in Republican areas, even in Georgia, which had the most scrutinized voting in 2020 and showed no significant voting fraud. These voting restrictions post a significant threat to democracy and should be defeated. Instead of coming up with policies to attract minorities, the Republicans chose to suppress their vote.

These efforts need to be defeated. We should support the expansion of voting, not the suppression.

While Democrats recently passed COVID-19 relief to help the poor and the middle class, a Republican legislative priority was to end the estate tax. As it is now, this tax only affects estates worth more than $22 million. I guess I see where the Republicans priority is, those making the top 0.1 in our country. What bad priorities when so many Americans are unemployed and hurting.

Lastly, it is sad that COVID-19 relief and vaccination efforts are politicized. Why do so few Republicans want to get vaccinated? Give Trump some credit here and get on board.

The vaccines and public health measures work for us all to help us get our lives back on track, hopefully by this summer. But if people do not get vaccinated, the efforts to get back to normal life will be delayed.

William Kimball


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Melanie in WA

It has come the time for states to consider Vote-by-Mail. No absentee, No polls.One system. It works quite well despise the lies and what ifs. ONLY REGISTERED voters receive a ballot. As a registered voter I receive a voters pamphlet several weeks before the election and my ballot arrives 18 days(?) prior to the day of the election.Both by mail. In between the time I get my pamphlet and the ballot I can explore the lower offices like school board members, county commissioners, judges and proposed county and state initiatives.

We all generally know who we will vote for president,senators, representatives but I don't believe most people actually study the lesser but more even important issues and people in your community.

I can take my time making my choices going through the pros and cons of each candidate,issues while sitting at the kitchen table and the WWW @ hand. After filling out my ballot ,putting it in a security sleeve, insert into envelope, sign , date , seal the postage free envelope. I can then give to my postal carrier, post office, county auditors office or my choice any one of 18 ballot drop boxes throughout the county.

It does not favor either party but we all know the real reasons for the "voter security bills ".


GOPer's can't comment without citing the constitution... 15th Amendment.. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude– Nothing about restricted hours...ballot boxes.. mail in voting has been going on since before the civil war.. you can't give someone in line to vote a drink of water? WTH?


How we vote has temporarily been altered by this pandemic of corvid-19. An increase in voting by mail is necessary. Those who want to end voting by mail must be confronted, they are the culprits. America still has quality people who will keep voting honest. No worries.

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