Will schools cut taxes with so much closed?

There is a global pandemic, and the stress we are under with concerns for our physical and economic health can be overwhelming. It’s hard not to dwell on the fear inherent in this situation, but we can try.

Why not focus on what we have? We have time. Time to be together. Time to sleep in or wear our pajamas all day if we want to. Time to read a book or meditate or play the guitar. Time to bake cookies or try a new recipe for supper.

Right now, my house is cleaner than it’s been since Christmas. I’m catching up with people by phone and email. There’s an ongoing Parcheesi tournament in my house. My husband, Ed, and I are tied at the moment. We each play two colors just to fill the board and keep it more interesting. (Did I mention that we are nerds?)

There are times when it is helpful to be a nerd. This is one of them. Right now, Ed is working on a jigsaw puzzle while listening to opera on NPR. If you met Ed, you would not think of him as an opera fan. Far from it and in truth he often makes statements like “She’s really getting worked up now” in response to a particularly emotional passage. He also swears at the puzzle pieces that don’t fit. It really cracks me up.

As for me, I have been listening to Al Green and other old school R&B artists. I’ve been reading books. Right now I am writing this letter to the editor. In other words, we’re just passing the time as best we can.

The pandemic will end, and we will return to school and work. Why not make the most of this time we have now so that when this ends, and it will end, we will be ready to go forward stronger, together with the ones we love?

Skye Opel

Star Lake

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Good reminders, Skye. For my part, I will be reaching out by phone to 3 friends from my church, just to see how they are doing. Just because I can't do everything, it doesn't mean I shouldn't do the one this I can do. Physical distance doesn't mean social disconnection. We are all in this together, and must maintain our social connections in whatever ways we can!


Sorry I misspelled your name, Ms. Opel.


Good hearing from you, Skye Opal. Obviously, you and Ed are finding good ways to occupy your time and to avoid a CBNFVR-20 infection. Stay creative--and healthy, both of you!

Holmes -- the real one

Yet another good piece, Skye Opel.

Rock me, rock us all, on the water.


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