Trump may do anything to return to power

With respect to the primaries of upcoming Jefferson County legislators, I’m writing on behalf of the working middle class constituents. This last election season, we saw unprecedented circumstances. We are in a time where complacency has resulted in the loss of liberty.

Our county legislators are one of the first lines of defense we have in protecting our Constitution. By allowing unconstitutional statutes, mandates and forced medical procedures, we are allowing an establishment mentality become our way of life. The people have the power within their grasp to take control of their towns, counties, schools and states. Not only do our county legislators have the power to fiscally help their communities, they have an obligation to hear and be the voice of their local communities.

In December of 2020, our local legislators had the opportunity to scale back the overreach of our governor’s executive powers. Unfortunately, most county legislators did not do what their constituents wanted. The reasoning behind this was it was out of order, and a committee wasn’t set up to review the proposal.

Constituents were left subject to political stature, bureaucratic procedures, capitulation and pandering. On behalf of those who want their voice heard, who want our communities back, and the freedom we once enjoyed; I encourage readers to review their choices of county legislators.

We are looking for individuals who will return to the service of the people. Republican leaders are being sought out who will take a stand against draconian measures within their communities regardless of “order” or “that’s now how we do things.” We are looking for leaders who will think outside the box of establishment mentality and start hearing and seeking the will of the people whom they serve.

I’m doing my part and casting my vote for Gene-Paul Brennan for county legislator for the town of Orleans. I implore the constituents of Jefferson County to research the following candidates: TJ Babcock, Matt Gump, Gene-Paul Brennan and Sara Snide. It’s truly We the People vs. The Establishment.

Katie Bickford


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If a law is unconstitutional the courts will strike it down.

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