Cursive not as important as proponents say

Welcome to Hollywood! We have a star among us. President Donald Trump has announced that U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is a “star”! She has followed the Republican script exceptionally well; perhaps she should audition for Disney. Since we now have a high profile representative, what’s our role in this new reality show?

Stefanik has characterized the north country as a conservative right wing community. Are we? What about those of us who are moderates? Maybe some of us are even Democrats with views differing from Stefanik’s but are nevertheless still her constituents.

Stefanik has never really paid much attention to people who have differing views from her super PAC supporters. Photo-ops are her way of communicating with us. Getting appointments with her or even attempting to discuss issues with her is very challenging unless of course, it’s for an interview with Fox News. But then again, Sean Hannity is not news; it’s opinion with sarcasm and distorted facts. Stefanik fits right in.

Her statements regarding the impeachment hearing are completely off base and embarrassing. Trump devised up a scheme to have Ukraine President Zelensky publicly announce Ukraine was going to investigate the Bidens. Why? To ruin Joe Biden’s chance of being his opponent in the 2020 elections! It really doesn’t take too much thought to understand that this is corrupt, un-American and directly violates our Constitution.

It’s extremely dangerous for our national security to have the president try to bribe, coerce or even suggest that a foreign country interfere in our elections. But the real issue for Trump is winning the 2020 election. Cheating, lying, distorting the facts, discrediting the reputations of public servants, who have years of honorable public service under different administrations, is acceptable to Trump, his supporters, the national Republican Party and, unfortunately for us, Stefanik.

So where does this treacherous situation leave us? What are we going to do? Are we going to just sit back and let Stefanik get away with such absurd behavior humiliating the north country? Or are we going to change the scene and look to another to represent us?

We’re the directors of this show. Let’s look for another leading lady. Tedra Cobb has authentic north country values: honesty, integrity and true grit. A real north country star.

Cynthia Graham


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Thank you so much for saying out loud what many of us feel. I'm genuinely taken aback at her corruption. She promotes Trump fund raising for her + by a miraculous coincidence declares him innocent of all charges?? She is obsessed with getting herself on TV. I would be grateful to have a rep of any party who genuinely cared about the north country.


All republicans now fall into the disgraceful column. I doubt there will be enough republicans who care about the country to convict the squatter in the WH. There are too many people in the 21st district who care more about party than people to elect an honest person to the House but as before Tedra has my full support. Hi Homes, nice to see you are still around.

Holmes -- the real one

So nice to see you again, rockloper. I've missed your pithy comments.

We doubled our contribution to Tedra this time and are pretty close to the limit, having done so. Some good news though, she's getting contributions from people all over the country now just because they've seen Elise in action and can't stomach her at all. Even folks who are out of district key right in to the fact that she is pushing lies. I wish those in district were able to figure that out....

I've personally heard from quite a few folks who let me know that they have sent in contributions to Tedra even though they don't live anywhere near here, several not even in state. Not those big time PAC's that Elise runs on, though.


I have a monthly automatic deduction to Tedra's campaign. I loved when Nunes tried to violate the rules by yielding his time to the little princess. Schiff made it known that the little princess didn't attend all the closed door meetings afforded her. Republicans are traitors to this country but unfortunately they have more support than one could possible expect. Truly sad.

Sometimes Grrr

Both parties, including blind to the fact people like you, are the problem. If you didn't think that the whole process was a joke then you are delirious. The Dems controlled the whole process ensuring only the facts they want were heard and the Republicans only wanted to state things that didn't matter. Would you want to be tried in a trial that failed to want all of the facts like that process did?

hermit thrush

Would you want to be tried in a trial that failed to want all of the facts like that process did?

impeachment in the house is not a trial. the trial comes in the senate. what happens in the house is analogous to an indictment. it is incredible to watch people like you criticize the process only to reveal that they are totally ignorant of it.

Holmes -- the real one

OK, now it's official.

We all know just what Trump means when he uses the term. "When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything."

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