First of all, let me say that it is everyone’s duty to vote. Even though one does not like some or all of the candidates in Watertown, one should vote. Because as a past president said, elections have consequences.

Out of all the issues that have been discussed, the one that stands out is the Watertown Golf Club situation with the city. Michael Lundy has with the permission of the City Council except for one councilman who was against extending the agreement. He has been granted the luxury of not being held to his promises of rectifying the problems at Thompson Park. Now with the blessing of City Manager Rick Finn, he wants to hook up water and sewer for his club house. The excuse that city manager used (poor excuse) is that there might be potential problems with a septic system. Seems that the old septic system that was on city property was in good shape after all the years that it was in use illegally. And that means going to Albany to ask for home rule! Wow, do the city manager and Lundy believe that people will overlook all this? Well, I am not going to overlook it.

Does anyone really know what the actual site plan calls for? Just a club house with possible ice cream stand? Or does it call for Lundy down the road (when the lease is up) to ask city to take over the nine holes that he leases and build his townhouses that he originally proposed. No one invests more than $400,000 in a nine-hole golf course without ulterior motives (townhouses).

Therefore, when voting this time, each voter should ask themselves who will stand up to the city manager, Lundy and the deep swamp and vote for those candidates.

I was asked by a WGC member (who is not a city resident) why wasn’t I upset with P.J. Siamo for suing city. My response was because it was the city’s fault for putting itself in the position in the first place. And for the record, there are many members of WGC who are not residents of the city.

Leonard G. Spaziani


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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