The time leading up to and since the election on Nov. 3 has been tumultuous. The role of our elected representatives has taken on a relevance more important than most any time in American history.

Our next national election will be in November 2022. Even in February, we must be thinking about the person whom we want to represent us.

We must consider the characteristics we want our congressional representative to have. It is crushing, embarrassing, disappointing that we have Elise Stefanik, a representative who does not represent the values of her constituents.

I suspect that our representative never says, “What groups of people in NY-21 need my strong support, my voice in Congress? How can I help all of the dear good people of NY-21?” She has had the opportunity to be critical of former President Donald Trump in a variety of areas.

She has not done so. She is not in line with leaders of her own party including U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell and U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney.

She did not support the results of the Electoral College and the people — Republican, Democrat, independent — who work for boards of election in every state in America. She blamed Gov. Andrew Cuomo on redistricting issues while the governor has nothing to do with state constitutional amendments.

The people of NY-21 are people who prize integrity, character, giving and keeping one’s word. They don’t give a hoot about contrived photo opportunities.

The next election may seem as if it is far off on the calendar. Whatever we don’t condemn, we get more of. As a lifelong resident of NY-21, I want to speak clearly.

Our congressional representative on the whole does not stand in solidarity with me. She does not have the sense of the needs of our people in our district.

Even Harvard University and Stewart’s Shops have concerns about her performance. I ask myself, “What group of people within NY-21 does she actually represent?”

Our representative would likely not know this. But the people of our district trust actions, not words.

I find no action, other than a gratuitous photo opportunity, which fully supports the needs of our people. It is likely too much to ask her to resign, although I believe that action is fitting.

Let us remain engaged and promise ourselves to do better in November 2022. We deserve better than we have now, far better.

Lawrence Casey


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She's back

A very good letter Mr. Casey. It is clear that Stefanik has become a radicalized Trump cultist. Not only does she not represent the people of district 21 she was not even from here ( used her Daddy's vacation pad to launch her political career in to a looming empty chair. The problem is that the North country is more like Alabama north. It is over 60 percent red. A contender for Stefanik's seat would have to either be an actual Republican, But a thinking moderate one ( like a Max Boot, or a Ben Sasse). A strong Independent Candidate would also have a chance as district politics is not as dependent on party.

IT is also possible that as more facts and criminal charges come out against Trump , the majority of the GOP party including those in The north Country will be further disgusted by Trump and what their GOP party has become. Tens of Thousands of Republicans have left the party these past few months.

Just curious do you want to think about Running?


SB, you have revealed your motive. It is to manipulate. "The problem is that the North Country is more like Alabama north." Got a problem with Alabama, oh arrogant one? What about the people of the NC who don't think like you. I hear disdain in your words. You want to shape a Republican candidate even though you wouldn't vote for him. And don't even pretend that you might. Your goal is to manipulate the district into one you can win, not one which reflects the values of the majority of the people who live here. This, on its face is raw politics and what is most wrong with America today.


Lawrence, the reason Elise won by a landslide is because there is more to NY-21 than Canton.


She represents the people who are devoted to Trump and they are a majority in the district. It’s no longer about policy. It’s about personality. A small slip in her loyalty to Him could bring on a primary challenger. So, no matter how insane Trump becomes in His conspiracy theories and claims she must agree with them.


No, its about policy and worldview. People in the NC, while having voted majority for Trump, are not cultists as you continuously proclaim. No amount of your copy, paste, and highlight routine will change the fact that there are people in this world who have a more traditional view of human life than you and your progressive kin. Get Trump out of your head. He's living large in there.


If Stefanik broke with Trump and came out and proclaimed Biden the winner in a free and fair election and said he was responsible for the riot at the Capitol she’d have a primary opponent in 2022 no matter what values and beliefs anyone in the NC believes. Ask Cheney and Kinzinger and a handful of other Republicans what voting your conscience does for you politically. Better not to have one like our rep.

I don’t know why highlighting precisely what I’m responding to by cutting and bolding it bothers you so much and I don’t care.


In the interest of putting it succinctly, disloyalty to Trump is what would get her the primary opponent, not anything at all about principles. Trumpism has no principles. It’s the Republican Party that needs to get him out of their heads. Nikki Haley is begging to go to Mara Lago and see him.


I know that you, kr, are focused on Trumpism. Blah, blah, beat the drum. But you believe in Pelosi-ism. This is the worldview difference I refer to and you constantly rebuff in favor of talking politics. Its all about politics to you. Election cycles, primary challengers, party loyalty. Its pretty nauseating. If you want to change the world, talk about policy, not politics.


The GOP has no policy beyond loyalty to Trump. They’re the ones who can’t move on because they can’t just say that Biden won in a free and fair election. They must continue the big lie.


What policy do you want to talk about? Denying the loss of an election to the point of sending a violent mob to try a lunatic attempt to overturn it?


Maybe we can talk about the policy of trying to wish and lie away a pandemic?


Another Stefanik GOTCHA. Put up a decent candidate in 2022 and try again. Rep Stefanik is tough to beat but keep on trying Lawrence.


"The people of NY-21 are people who prize integrity, character, giving and keeping one’s word." This comment rings true until politics is inserted into the equation.. then many people lose their moral compass... make excuses for their party... accept their party's indiscretions, yet are critical of others.. Support policies you agree with, regardless of party... and criticize both based on same..


Good people are always brave enough to accept the lesser evil if they must, and clearly the other party are demons.

Pat Luppens

The answer to your question: Elise Stefanik. She will do whatever she sees as necessary to garner votes, to position herself for the next step up. She believes supporting Donald Trump will help and unfortunately it most likely will.



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