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So let’s get this straight: In referring to Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a “sexual predator,” U.S. Rep Elise Stefanik effectively asserts that all elected officials who don’t demand his resignation are “complicit” in furthering such predation. Such a call would be meaningful had Stefanik been supportive of the 25 women who had accused Donald Trump of various sexual misconduct.

However, we must note that not only did she not call for Trump’s resignation but saddled up to him in order to further her political career much like she accepted a campaign donation from another accused predator (Steve Wynn). Stefanik’s indignation should be seen for what it is: a political stunt, all sound and fury signifying a political opportunity to advance her career while ignoring the blatant hypocrisy of her failure to register any concerns over Trump’s pervasive sexual predation.

Ed Gauthier


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Pat Luppens

It's the Newt Gingrich rule established in the late 70's: "Never speak ill of a fellow Republican." The unspoken part is "If you do you'll get primaried."


Asking elected politicians to resign is pointless virtue signalling. Support their impeachment, support their being voted out. But the only people who resign when asked are probably the ones who shouldn't resign.


Asking elected politicians to resign is pointless virtue signalling.

👍 Cuomo will do serious damage to anyone running in 2022. I assume Democrats are going to force him out or find a good candidate to primary him. I’m hoping for a woman who’s not Cynthia Nixon. If Cuomo’s on the ballot I won’t even bother giving money to a Democrat running for this district. It’s better spent in other districts.

I would think Republicans would want Stefanik off the ballot. But then, I have morals. If she stays on, hopefully the face of blind loyalty to Trump will harm other Republican candidates.


Teachout, Minor, James...

Farmer Liz

Great letter, Ed. Unfortunately, the GOP now wears its hypocrisy like a uniform. They have continued to support members accused of sexual inappropriateness, cheating, lying and sedition. Had Brett Kavanaugh been a Democrat, he would never have made it to the interview, but Elise and her ilk will do whatever it takes to defend Republicans. Cuomo must be held accountable for his actions, as should EVERY leader, regardless of party. There is no bar low enough for the GOP. They must be voted out.


#metoo! No worries about the nursing home deaths! He put his hand on the small of my back! What a misplaced sense of priority.


Access Hollywood tape??? Stormy Daniels?? You and Elise would have credibility if that was included in your rant.. politics and amnesia .... good grief..


Eagle, read my comment. You are interpreting it backwards. I'm saying that its ludicrous that the offense that will bring Cuomo down is metro, NOT the March 25 memo and subsequent cover up of numbers of nursing home deaths!


I meant #metoo


Wow, this is also just lunacy. Trump was a miscreant long before he entered public office. Cuomo destroyed the state, killed thousands and covered it up, and now the a sexual predator. Yup, this is the GOP's fault lol. My god, what is wrong with you. Also, resign for what? Again, Trump was an ethical nightmare before he was in office. While there, I forgot...did he have any women step forward accusing him of antics while IN office. Good lord, the sheer lunacy of letters and posts like this is mind boggling. The highest Democrats in our state and even nationally are calling on him to step down, yet here is someone complaining about the GOP...priceless.


Would you rather rep Stefanik be self destructive, would you rather she turn against her political party? Sir, Elise Stefanik was elected by republicans and would have to be bonzo crazy to turn on her base. Field a candidate who can defeat Congresswoman Stefanik in the midterms.

hermit thrush

party before principle. this is the republican way.


...says the party before principle democrat with a small d ...

hermit thrush

nonsense. i have no problem criticizing cuomo or other democrats when they deserve it. our party is nothing like the gop cult around trump.


Politics is down and dirty remember Hillary running through a hail of bullets in Bosnia, remember George W Bush landing on a carrier declaring the war in Iraq is over. Good politicians are good at fooling the public the majority don't even know what principle means when it comes to how to get what they want. Have a good one.


The GOP is now Trump before party before principle. Principles are getting pushed pretty far down the list of priorities.


So, hypocrisy is just part of her job description? And she was elected by Republicans so they’re the only ones she has to represent?

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