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Mark Helmer recently wrote a letter with reference to U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik (Dec. 12, “Does Stefanik believe claims of voter fraud?”), feeling that she should be “pinned to the wall” concerning voter fraud and a threat to the democracy. I would like to ask how Mr. Helmer would feel if he were running for office and the following happened to him.

You have been the president for four years and treated like dirt for those four years. You have rallies and the people come from near and far and are all fired up when your opponent is locked in his basement with small crowds at his rallies and unable to get a clear message out about where he stands and what he stands for. You are answering questions and the people respond to you by 10 million more than the last time you were elected.

When people go to bed, they see you leading and all is looking well for you and your party. But when you get up in the morning, things are different. You are losing by numbers that were unheard of last night.

How would you feel? Do you feel that something was wrong? Do you think that maybe someone stole your election from you? What would you do: bend over backward with joy or wonder what the heck?

Someone in politics would wonder and want to know the truth. Will we ever see the truth? I truly doubt it.

But if we do not make substantial changes, we are going to see a true hole form in our democracy — one where the only ability to voice our opinion to matter will be taken away. Let’s stop the games and make our voices count in the voting process of the United States of America.

Elizabeth Daugherty


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She's back

Since my Sat paper arrived on Sunday I just bothered reading Elizabeth's "analysis" of the election and how/why Trump and his followers felt "cheated". Suffice to say that such overly simplistic thinking as hers is why Trump was ever elected in 2016. I am trying to be kind when I say that just because you Elizabeth went to bed early on election night when the numbers looked good for TRump DOES NOT MATTER to the actual count which was not completely finished in EVERY state ( including NY) until days later.

In 2016 Anyone who went to Bed early on election night was definitely "surprised" When Clinton who was leading VERY strongly, and had been projected for an sure win was actually declared to not have won the electoral college DISPITE winning the popular vote by over three million. (I stayed up late and remember feeling sick to my stomach). When You start to examine that tiny margins Trump won by in just a few critical states, One could easily find a case to challenge the results.

Now you see how Trump is trying to over turn the LEGALLY CERTIFIED 2020 votes with over 60 ridiculous lawsuits as well as disgusting acts of intimidation and threats to election officials..... AND he will take this attempt to STEAL THE ELECTION up until the final day on Jan 6th ( maybe beyond).

Oddly Elizabeth we come to the same conclusion, STOP the games. Making Americans voices count in the election's means making voting access and registration as accessible to every Citizen, reducing flagrant acts of Voter suppression in States like Texas, maybe make it a law that Election campaigns can not hack the computers of the opponent's, or make Deals with Russians, Ukrainians or Wikileaks, or intimidate those (usually volunteer) brave souls conducting polling places or counting the votes.

The case for elections to be based on the popular vote and not on the Electoral College has become Stronger than EVER.

I agree Elizabeth, time that Trump and the GOP STOP THE GAMES.

hermit thrush


hermit thrush

good lord has anyone heard of bigger sore losers than the trumpers? trump lost fair and square. you can cry and moan about the overnight vote dumps on election night. you can use it as a pretext to feel aggrieved -- after all, finding pretexts to feel aggrieved is the engine on which modern-day right-wing politics runs. or, if instead you're serious about understanding the world, you could take like five seconds to google "red mirage" and learn that everyone was expecting big democratic-leaning vote dumps to occur on election night, and that it was engineered this way by republicans in mi/wi/pa.


Sore losers and sore winners, too. They are just perpetually aggrieved.

Skye Opel

This writer has probably not read any of the comments posted to her. Why would she? Reality seems to have no place in her world. Trump as victim? Give me a break. The arguments against the election were tried in 60 lawsuits and rejected by the Supreme Court. Now it is just argument for argument's sake. perhaps a more productive use of her time would be to commission an artist to paint Trump's portrait on velvet for sale nationwide. Plenty of people love velvet art as witnessed by the many Elvis tapestries adorning the walls of basement bars. Then of course there was the very popular Abraham, Martin and John proudly displayed on many living room walls. I would suggest an enhancement for a deluxe edition. How about a motion detector embedded in the fabric that plays "Hail to the Chief" when someone walks by.

I don't read or log on to any of the white supremacist websites, nor do I read their literature but I imagine they would be excellent advertisers.

Once She is successfully immersed in this project, and finally gainfully employed, those of us who breathed a sigh of relief at Biden's win can wait out the next month fearing Trump's final acts of rage and incompetence.

hermit thrush



Don't doubt the 2020 presidential election Elizabeth. Joe Biden won by 7 or 8 million votes you can find any fault when the margin is that great. You expressed concern about Trump doing ok when you went to bed the night of November 3, 2020 and when you woke up Biden was winning. Here's what happened. Because of the pandemic voters were allowed mail in voting on a larger scale that previous years. Those who chose to vote by mail or absentee were by far democrats, some say they had more sense than their republican counterparts for they kept social distancing while voting a priority. Maybe so however many believe in person voters were "given a hard time" at the polls and perhaps in some cases they were.

If you understand what happened Elizabeth you should be able to underestand there was no fraud. The only fraud any of us can see is Donald J. Trump, we need to get rid of this louse. Mike pompeo 2024.


You have been the president for four years and treated like dirt for those four years.

Just because the whole country doesn’t worship Trump as their cult leader does not mean he’s been “treated like dirt.” When Obama was president, for example, there was the racist birther theory led by, surprise, Donald Trump. There was a group of loudmouths in tricorn hats whining about wanting their country back. So, was he “treated like dirt?”

You have rallies and the people come from near and far and are all fired up when your opponent is locked in his basement with small crowds at his rallies and unable to get a clear message out about where he stands and what he stands for.

The letter writer seems to be totally ignoring the fact of the coronavirus. But then, why not, Trump has since it began and certainly while he was holding superspreader rallies and not really caring if his supporters became infected because it’s about his ego and nothing else.

Biden’s message is more clear than someone who relies on meaningless slogans. “Keep America Great?” Do things seem great with 330,000 deaths from a virus many of which could’ve been avoided?

You are answering questions and the people respond to you by 10 million more than the last time you were elected.

Yes, and Biden still got over 7 million more votes and got them in enough places to secure the electoral votes as well. That’s how numbers work. It’s not golf.

He lost. Get over it.


The author, like many, cites election fraud and parrots Fox comments, yet like many, provides no proof. Any consideration of such claims get tossed to the wind when lead council Guiliani and star witness Melissa Carone embarrass any serious legal system with laughable claims... That followed by attorney Sidney Powell's claims of Hugo Chavez manipulating software... postmen dumping ballots in a river... While all the election machine fraud claims were made, Georgia was manually counting the ballots for the 3rd time...same results... in all three counts, 1 machine, and 2 manual counts were 99.964 percent accurate.

That's why we shouldn't doubt the results....


If you think Powell is bad and you haven’t already done so go check out Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman. I’m sure she’s a future “star” in the Republican Party.


After all, the numbers have it that Biden won by 7 million votes, twice the amount that Hillary won in the last election. The electoral vote count for Biden is substantial—306 to 232, Trump got 304 in 2016. Is this all surprising or shocking a result? Not if you look at Trump’s in the trash bin favorability numbers over the past four years—Around election time it was around 44.8%, and under 50% through his entire presidency. No surprise at all he received 46% of the vote as tabulated, the same voter percentage he got in 2016.

Trump can feel cheated all he wants, but he and all his supporters who deny that this was a free, fair, and secure election and that massive voter fraud occurred have to wake up to reality. Your guy lost. All your "evidence" of voter fraud is a fraud offered by Trump and his cronies who are inveterate liars and mountebanks. I cannot feel sorry for a louse who has lied 25000 times over the course of four years, who has tried to destroy almost every American democratic institution, and who is functionally AWOL as he "tirelessly" plays golf in Mar-a-lago while our country dies from Covid, and who has spent most of his time denying the reality of the pandemic, its severity, while actively firing up all those MAGA voters at his super spreader events.

Trump supporters invariably play the victim card. How can anyone feel sorry for Trump? It's beyond me.--Trump is not a sympathetic figure. You all seem to believe anything the dude says! Why not inject some bleach in your arm to protect yourself from Covid?After all, Trump advised you to do so, and it must be true. At some point you have to question what he says. BECAUSE IT'S ALL GASLIGHTING!

On voter fraud, you can believe all you want and emote. However, at some point you have to produce evidence! Every allegation has been thrown out by the courts (including some by Trump appointed judges!). Trump's own Attorney General has now twice declared that there was no widespread voter fraud significant enough to have overturned the election. Is it all a conspiracy to defraud the Dear LEADER? Have UFO aliens carted off millions of Trump votes and illegally tipped the scales of the election? How about a reality check?

Why do you feel sorry for a guy who wants to destroy the bedrock of our Democracy--in this case, by overturning an election that has been formally certified by the electoral college. At some point, Trump supporters have to come back to reality--Trump lost. He needs to be treated like dirt because he has been an awful president by any measure, autocratic, and by all accounts he's played more golf and spent more time watching TV and bloviating than he has actually spent in the Oval office anyway. Good riddens!


Very nice. There’s a reason that the only people surrounding Trump now are the most deranged conspiracy theorists like Flynn, Powell and Guiliani. I can’t wait to see what happens with Pence on January 6th. Trump seems to think the veep can do something magical. When he doesn’t Holier Than Thou Mike, after 4 years of debasing himself slathering praise on Dear Leader, is going to find himself an enemy of the state too.


What happens on Jan 6? Something to do with congress rejecting the electoral college count?


An increasing number of Republican lawmakers are going against GOP leadership, supporting a challenge to the certification of the electoral college outcome on 6 January.

At least 20 Republican members of the House have now signed a letter to congressional leadership and the chairpersons for several congressional committees, calling for an investigation into what it described as "election theft". The Independent

If they can get a Republican Senator to sign onto it it goes full clown show. I didn’t bother to look and see if Stefanik is still backing the attempted coup. McConnell is against full clown show.


Full clown coup would be the better description.

hermit thrush


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