Paper must fact-check Cuomo’s comments

Losing World War I and the Great Depression traumatized the German people and led to the rise of Nazism. Does losing more Americans from COVID-19 than were killed in World War II and our economy shrinking in 2020 more than any time since 1946 traumatize us enough to follow a wannabe strongman who falsely promises to solve our every problem?

Adolf Hitler claimed that the Jews betrayed Germany in “the World War” and cheated the people during the crippling inflation that caused mass poverty. Working class white Americans whose wages were frozen since 1980, combined with inflation, were told by Donald Trump that immigrants stole their jobs. And the symbolism of an Obama presidency made too many struggling whites feel the world was passing them by.

Outnumbering the U.S. Capitol Police about 50-to-one, the mob proved their white privilege as a Black mob assaulting the government would have panicked the police into shooting enough of them on the steps to disperse the crowd. The police union says 140 Capitol Police officers were injured.

Now any Republican refusing to say the election was “stolen” fears similar violent threats at home or the ex-president encouraging a primary challenge against them. These are the tactics of a would-be dictator in a Banana Republic; 74 million voters were taken in by the most successful 21st century American con artist, who duped them out of $200 million to finance his comeback.

Will all the GOP devote themselves to sabotaging the new president’s efforts to contain the pandemic and repair the economy? Does our status as a small “d” democracy hang in the balance? Whose voices do we need to listen to in order to preserve the American experiment, which was once called the last, best hope of humankind?

Roland Van Deusen


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Will the GOP stall Biden in containing the virus? Do you really think they want to do that Roland. Havn't heard from you in a while but I see you are still in Roland's world.


Will the GOP stall Biden in containing the virus?

Yes, they do. The same way they wanted to thwart Obama’s efforts to undue the economic damage he was bequeathed. They care more about politics than people. They’ll also show that they care more about Trump than the lives and well being of their colleagues when they vote to let Trump off the hook. How anyone lives devoid of any morality is beyond me.

hermit thrush


Charlie McGrath

The GOP should learn from Nancy Pelosi when she stalled the huge relief package for months so Trump wouldn't get credit for something good. As far as blocking the response to the pandemic- that's the most stupid comment by Trump haters I've heard yet.

hermit thrush

pelosi's house passed a terrific covid relief bill in may and it sat gathering dust on mitch mcconnell's desk for the rest of the term. somehow the "art of the deal" guy couldn't get the senate to take it up.

it would be really nice to see people from the self-described party of personal responsibility hold themselves to just a little bit of account every once in a while.


I’m no historian, but I’m pretty sure this letter writer is grasping at straws to make the analogies between present day US and the Germany of a hundred years ago.

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