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Letter to the Editor

Wow! I got the local news, obits and even “Pickles” on the internet this morning hours before we got the Watertown Daily Times. I also got both sides of political news (Real Clear Politics). Amazing!

I’ll keep this fewer than 400 words because I’m not a liberal who gets two-thirds of the editorial page (Skye Opel). I haven’t sent any letters in a while because the last few I sent had a conservative leaning and never got in print.

Our subscription is due, but we won’t be renewing. If we can’t get the paper in time to read it with our morning coffee, than we don’t want it. It’s been late (sometimes two to three days late) for months.

My wife has tried several times to get your customer service to see if we could get just the Sunday paper but has become tired of waiting every time. I didn’t count the words because I don’t care whether or not this is printed.

We’ve been subscribers for more than 40 years (had to move to Maine for five years), but we’ll get used to it. Do you ever wonder why newspapers are going out of business?

Ronald Blackmon

Star Lake

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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While I share the writer's dissatisfaction with current delivery, I think his swipe at Skye Opel was a cheap shot, totally gratuitous and inappropriate.


He prefers Kevin Beary judging the Democratic candidates literally by the color of their skin. Amazing they ran an editorial like that in 2019.


Newspapers are going out of business because Baby Boomers are triggered by facts today, and prefer to stay in the comforting racist lies of Fox News. Baby Boomers elected a president who used to run a ponzu scheme. Are we surprised they don’t like to read?


Newspapers are going out of business because millennials and Genxers want instant online news. The day of hardcopy news is dwindling


Actually, any one who doesn't know that ponzu is a Japanese condiment, shouldn't be attempting political analyses. That's for grownups, Kev. Try doing research before spouting idiotic drivel. "Baby Boomers and Fox News" Sheesh!


The Times has announced what their problems are and what they are going to do to update their paper to the internet age. PlainDealer closed in Canton and I believe there is a change in what is presented to the public on line plus I think they remove one day's edition, Monday. Posters enjoyed years of free fun with the former format. Well that is gone now and we all are trying to master the new forum. I understand your being used to your on time copy of the Times for years and change is sometimes hard. My advice, relax and flow with the Times.

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